The Latest Korn Album The Nothing CD Signed Autograph by The Entire Band framed COA

In 1993, five young musicians came together to form a music band in California known as Korn. Fans and critics have described their songs to be evocative with a lot of dark concepts, and the members of the band are described as weird. Their music style is different from mainstream music, they have created for themselves a completely different image and sound from other bands. Due to the lyrics of the songs and lifestyle, this has created rumors over the internet about stories that are hard to believe and strange. The real intriguing part of the band’s songs is that the one that attracts their fans is the evocative music and disturbing lyrics of the sings. Their video clips often show violent, tortured lyrics and extremely creepy scenes.

The band has successfully developed a new music genre known as Nu metal, and have successfully made it popular. The group has released about 13 studio albums, 48 musical videos, 3 live albums, and 7 video albums. Their first song compilation was released in 1994 titled Korn, the group has sold over 35 million albums worldwide. The band estimated net worth is about 120 million dollars, the album titled Korn remains their best-selling album so far. Jonathan Davis who is a member of the group explained that he writes and records his vocal parts, making their lyrics distinct. Most of the band’s albums had been successful, but the least successful of their collection is The Path of Totality, and their most successful collection is titled, Korn.

Korn’s latest collection is their 14th career album, and it sold over 33000 copies in its first week of release. The album, which was released in 2019, is ranked 8th on the Billboard chart of Rock songs collection of 2019. Their latest song collection is heart-wrenching and filled with strong and evocative words. According to their lead vocalist, he revealed that the songs serve as a vessel of healing from the tragic loss of his wife. Most of the tracks of the compilation are laced with pathetic lyrics and a representation of hopelessness. Unlike the usual recording time of Korn, which lasts for less than a month, the song compilation took more than four months to record the vocal tracks.

Autographed CDs are usually done by artists to drive-up the sales of artwork, this strategy usually brings the artist close to their numerous fans. For close to 25 years the band has thrilled their millions of fans across the world with their self-acclaimed musical style, which is hedonistic. So, in 2019 each member of the band signed an autographed CD of their latest song compilation as a Certificate of Authenticity. The CD has sold over 29000 copies across the world, the CD is sold on major online shopping platforms with the signature of all the band members. This signed CD is enclosed in a framed wall mount, and they are limited edition for online preorder which are already sold out. The album consists of 13 tracks, the tracks portray the usual Korn style with all the eccentric beats and unnerving keyboard sounds.

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