The LCD 7 digital microscope- The best of the best

Science has always been at the center of human existence as life revolves around it. For effective study of science however, there has to be a way of viewing the very small things that constitute science. Micro-objects are found all around us as they exist in tiny states. These micro-objects are so small that they cannot be seen with the naked human eye. This is why the concept if microscope was introduced; to help people see small tiny things better. With advancements in technology, microscopes have also advanced from the traditional bench microscope to the now modern digital microscope.

There is however, no shortage of brands that make the digital microscope in the market. It is therefore important to choose the best brand that gives value for money and satisfies your need. To reduce your search, we introduce the LCD 7 Inch Digital Microscope by Ynelines. This digital microscope serves you accordingly and helps you with all your microscopic works.

What are the features of this microscope?

A good microscope is known by its ability to magnify and enlarge specimen being viewed. The LCD 7 has a magnification range of 1-1200 times meaning that you can enlarge your specimen up to 1200 times its original size. This comes in handy when you are viewing very minute objects under the microscope. LCD 7 has a 12 Mega Pixel Vie Camera for users who wish to record what they are viewing. The 12 MP gives out video and image at a resolution of 1080 pixels ensuring that there is less hassle when you are using the gadget. These display features are almost similar to what modern smartphones and some tablets offer.

The in-built LED lights allow you to control the brightness at different levels. In case the LED lights go off or the battery dies, you can still see the specimen and this makes the Yvelines the first in the market to have this feature.

For many digital microscopes, you have to have a separate viewing device but for the LCD 7, you get a HD screen measuring 122*185mm (7 inches) attached to the microscope. This screen has buttons on it such as zoom, power and camera to help the user navigate through. The screen’s display is still in 1080P giving out beautiful colors and many viewing angles. To make it function like a real microscope, the LCD 7 has an adjustable bracket that moves in different directions. The 45 degrees back and forth movement coupled with 15 CM up and down movement makes it easier to use the product.

LCD 7 also has a 3000 mAh Lithium –ion powered battery that lasts longer than other brands’ batteries. The battery provides 4-5 hours of continuous use when fully charged. LCD 7 doesn’t support direct connection to other external devices such as phones and tablets but supports external SD cards of up to 16GB to help you save the videos and pictures you take. Once you have saved your data on the SD, you can then transfer it to other devices.This product’s package comes with; a product box, 1 LCD 7 inch digital microscope, an instruction annual and a USB charging cable. It weighs just about 2 pounds making it easy to carry around. The friendly customer service at Yvelines also ensures that customer needs and queries are dealt with on time.

Who would want this?

Microscopes have a wide range of applicability and usability by different people and professions. Students can use the LCD 7 for plant and animal examination. To check authenticity of jewels and bank notes, the LCD 7 can also be used. Circuits of electrical devices such as watches are very small and hard to navigate and so, this gadget can be used in the repair or manufacture of ICs and motherboards. In the textile industry the microscope can be used to study patterns on fabric. Museums can use the gadget in inspection of antiques and valuable items.

Given all the cool features, the LCD 7is a good purchase that comes at just an affordable price making it convenient for all. No group of customers is left out. This is the microscope that serves you and gives out the desired functionality in all aspects. So why not get the LCD 7 today and dive into an adventurous world?

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