The Lost and Found Bookshop: A Novel

There is a famous adage that says ‘readers are leaders’, but in the case of Susan Wiggs, we can just rewrite the statement as being ‘readers are great writers’. Susan Wiggs is a way too exceptional and prolific female writer with special interest in fictions that talks about everyday people and usual places in a literary sense. She is the author of the book titled “The Ocean Between Us” and now here comes her bestselling title “The Lost and Found Bookshop: A Novel”. This book titled “The Lost and Found Bookshop: A Novel” is the author’s way of letting her characters pursue life with purpose along with the endless expression of oneself. She takes us back to that historic building that’s been located somewhere in San Francisco, an old bookshop meaning that it still retains some books in the 90s as far as you can imagine. Our character, the heroine who is no other person than Natalie Harper is a hardworking mistress who is very diligent in carrying out her duties in the place where she is working.

With the way she does things it is as if she will never ever have thought of quiting her salary and regular job which she is keeping in a company located in another city. Although, she doesn’t really see herself entirely sold or fit to the job because she’s been experiencing some emotional circumstances prior to when she started working. Natalie Harper grew up in San Francisco under the sole upbringing of her lovely mother (Blythes) whom she adores so much with compassion. Her mother was also a hardworking woman who runs a bookshop business at the shop downstairs the building where she lived with her daughter, husband, and her grandfather. Natalie Harper loves all these people so much with the single exception of her father due to his harmful misconduct and negligence atimes. Blythe, her mother, has learnt to find her way herself without her husband’s support due to some uncomfortable reasons best known to the family.

She has taken the responsibility of being the sole and center caregiver to her daughter and her father, Andrew. Natalie Harper is a good natured-lady who loved her grandfather so much, and she calls him ‘Grandy’ when they are together. She newly got a job some time ago that she left home and have been working there for a while now, where she left her boyfriend behind. After some times, she was called to be raised for promotion at her office which news later spread to her mother on one side and her boyfriend on the other. When they got the news, they embarked on a trip to rejoice with her for the promotion. But, unfortunately they died in a fatal accident that soon ended their lives living Harper shocked and depressed for most of her life.

That was the period when she decided to move back to her hometown and begin a new life while preventing her mother’s old bookshop from getting out of business. This is a book for everyone who never heard about people who started their life all over from the beginning and it comes at an affordable price.

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