The new Acer K202HQ bb 20

Acer has developed a new TV set with new features and a perfect design. The new Acer is made to be simple, has a nice shape, making it a unique thin slender Television set. This Acer product is equipped with technology and to be a nice digital TV. Acer will enable you to watch the best movies and shows around. You should also purchase this item due to its features that enables you to fit the Acer in any house or home. Acer K202 has all the specifications of a perfect TV from the sounds and the motions picture produced, it’s the best for you.

Important features in computers and TV sets is the widescreen it has and it’s quality. The Acer k202 has a 19mm inches widescreen designed with high quality compared to other items. This will enable you to view the Acer without causing damage on your eyes, the widescreen is made to control light effects producing nice pictures. LCD is a new component in Acer K202, it enables it to have perfect light effects compared to other products. This also ensures a perfect functionality that is considered to be stylish. You definitely have the reasons why you should purchase the Acer K202, its stylish functions are of high standards.

The Acer K202HQ has a high-quality resolution, this is the best item or feature it possess. It makes it different from other TV in the market that have low resolution. Acer K202 has a high resolution of about 1600*900 pixel that makes it produce outstanding pictures. If you decide to purchase this item you won’t need to go to the cinema to watch a 3D movie. Acer high resolution enables it to have and display 3D motion pictures that are perfect and beautiful. It has been proven to be the best for playing games and multimedia activities.

DVI and VGA ports are equipped in the Acer to help the LCD for better quality. The DVI has a high bandwidth content protection that enables you to watch movies online. Acer is designed to protect your movies and you can watch copied movies in your device without any problem. The Acer is made to tilt about 25 degrees enabling you to watch your TV at any angle. This is a unique feature that is mostly found in laptops but not in TV, Acer is the only TV with such abilities to tilt.

A Contrast ratio is equipped in the new Acer K202 of about 100M:1 having a great impact on the pictures. This reduces the white and black color on your TV set producing crystal colors. The contrast feature will make you see any movie that will make it to be of high quality on the Acer k202. Acer K202 is designed to have a 5ms response time that will enable you receive pictures at a faster rate. Those who love playing games should purchase this product because of its contrast ratio and the response time.

You need this new Acer K202HQ that has features to consume low energy. This will help you save money and spend less on your bills making Acer the best.

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