The new Coulax smartwatch

Watches today come in many various forms, some are known to be the luxurious kind such as the diamond and gold ones. Others on the other hand are the basic kind and their use is limited to keeping time and not at all stylish. If you are looking for a wrist watch then you might as well consider a little style and class to it. A company that is famously known for their technology advancement called Coulax recently created a smartwatch that will just be perfect for your needs. The Coulax smartwatch as it is known was listed on an online shop for purchase on the 26th of February 2020. This smartwatch brings so many things on board other than keeping time, some of which are detailed.

The bracelet comes with a built-in lithium polymer battery that is full charged in only two and a half hours. Once the charging is archived the wrist band will be able to serve you for more than ten days on normal usage. But when battery optimization is in place it can go until an entire month without requiring a charge, that alone is definitely mind-blowing. The GPS positioning will give you real time alerts on the current weather situation. You can use the smartwatch to track your phone in case it gets lost or you misplaced it. The feature may come in handy if your child was wearing the band and you lost sight of them at the amusement park or carnival.

When it comes to matters concerning your health and lifestyle then this smartwatch may be your all-time personal fitness trainer. The step counting feature will allow you to keep track of your daily foot work and whether or not your goal was met. Sleep monitoring gives you the pleasure of knowing if you indeed slept for the minimum required hours whether it is just a nap or a deep sleep. It will also monitor your breathing rate and heart beat whilst you are a sleep. The ten sports mode will grant you an opportunity of burning down the extra calories that you gained during the Christmas and new year celebration. With an app that will give you a chance to see all your exercising records and how much weight you have gained or lost.

Coulax smartwatch is waterproof meaning that you can wear it when bathing or swimming. The device is compatible with phones of Android version five and iOS of version nine and above. Bluetooth connectivity gives you real-time alerts of messages, incoming calls, and application alerts. It grants you an opportunity of controlling your favorite music and photos. You can even save a photo of yourself as a profile picture.

This device is clearly a good purchase for everyone, whether you need it for a sense of style or keeping your health on track. The general pricing of the product is cheap with an after sales services of setting it up and getting it running for you. Coulax company accepts international shipment making sure that they reach out far and wide to every customer. Get yourself this new smartwatch for an even better and bigger experience in terms of technology and health.

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