The New Microsoft Ergonomic Desktop – Review

What is the Microsoft Ergonomic Desktop Keyboard? How is it beneficial, and what makes it special? These are all questions you need to ask when spending your money on accessories for your computer. Taking the time to do as much research on a potential purchase is key to giving yourself the right equipment that will make your working experience better. All the details about this amazing product will be listed below for quick and easy access to all your questions. Finding a comfortable and stylish desktop is key to everyday work as that can change your game. Consistent comfort and reliability is what the Microsoft Ergonomic Desktop will provide for your everyday use.

The Ergonomic is designed, by Microsoft to minimize muscle strain and provide a comfortable posture for those who spend most of their time on a computer. This Ergonomic Desktop is unlike any other keyboard you may be used to as it has a different shape to it than others. The Ergonomic has a sort-of curve on one side tilting your hands more comfortably compared to the flat design of other keyboards. This makes it easier for the user to rest their wrists while typing compared to a flat keyboard that in some situations forces you to keep your wrists lifted to reach all the keys. The wrist-rest is made of memory foam as the base material, a more sturdy, high-density foam on top and a stain-resistant, easy to clean fabric cover. Right underneath the palm rest, under the desktop is a palm lift which will come in handy when you are working while standing up. The stylish design of the Ergonomic Desktop gives you a rich feel and beautiful aesthetic with more than just looks, it provides the user with everything you may need in your daily typing routine.

Keys on the Ergonomic Keyboard is of high quality, they are strong and make little noise when typing depending on your typing style. Due to the curved design the keys are split into two sections, one side containing F6 to B, and the other F7 to N. Ergonomic Keys has been split straight down the middle to ensure easy reach when typing for both hands. It may take you a short amount of time to get used to this design but when you are, you will never turn back. The Ergo is a wireless keyboard that only runs off of two AAA batteries which gives a long battery life expectancy. Built-in shortcuts including office key for Microsoft 365, an emoji key and search key. Easy access to media controls and other features.

The mouse that comes with the keyboard features smooth tracking which will make it easy for your use even without a mouse pad. Tracking will not jump around when using it on other surfaces and navigation with the mouse’s scrolling wheel is optimized for precise navigation. Comfortable fit for your palm making the mouse easy to move around as you may need. This Microsoft Ergonomic Desktop is the key to an easy and blissful working experience.

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