The pool game that ensures loads of fun- Airhead Lob the Blob

A cornhole game is a game originally played on the lawn with bags filled with corn kernels and a raised platform. The objective of the game is to reach 21 points before other individual players or teams. This can be done in two ways, first by throwing the bag into the hole which will give you three points, and second, if the bag stays on the platform, you get one point. If the bag is on the platform but somehow touching the ground or ends up on the ground, you will not hey any points. The game is a fun family vacation game which can be played on vacations.

Airhead Lob the Blob is a pool version of your favorite vacation game. The targets stay afloat while you enjoy your game with friends or family. It comes with a speed safety valve which ensures fast and easy inflation and deflation. The targets are constructed of high-grade PVC which ensures that you will not have to replace them anytime soon, as they are made to last. In addition to that, you can also play with this apparatus on the ground too, thanks to the grommets provided on all four corners. So, be it your swimming pool, backyard party, or a lake, you can play your favorite game anywhere.

This game is fun to play with family and easy to carry anywhere after deflating and folding. It doesn’t take a large space in your luggage and easily fits with other items in your baggage. After reaching your destination, a picnic spot near a lake or a clearing in the midst of the thicket. Just inflate it whenever you wish, and you are ready for some fun. It can be enjoyed by people of all ages and even your mom and dad will enjoy tossing the blob into the target and spend quality time with their children.

Your kids will love this version of the cornhole game more than the traditional one. After all, it has a cornhole game and swimming pool mixed into one for double fun. In summers, you will not have to worry about your children bothering you after every few minutes, as the game keeps them involved for hours together. Maybe you too can hop in the pool with your kids and their company and bond over this game of cornhole. The summer heat is taken care of by the cool water of the pool and the game takes care of your and your children’s boredom. This is the best thing you can buy for enjoyment in summer days.

If you are planning a vacation in summer where you can just spend time with your family and have some fun, you should take the Airhead Lob the Blob with you. Stay in a resort that has either a swimming pool or a lawn and enjoy a game of Lob the Blob. This is to make sure you have back up if you end up enjoying and getting bored with the activities provided by the resort. It ensures you have fun on every vacation that you plan. The Airhead Lob the Blob doesn’t disappoint you if you are looking for a fun break from your stressful life.

It is safe for your kids as down not have sharp edges that can hurt them. You can be carefree about them being safe around the platforms, but be careful, as they can easily get addicted to the fun it provides. The bags float in water so, it is easy to retrieve them if you miss the target, and you will not spend your minutes of fun trying to find the sunken bags. The game becomes tricky as the bean bags (blobs) bounce off the platform if it is fully inflated, and hence, you need to have precise aim to increase your chances at winning. This helps in increasing your focus and concentration and your hand-eye coordination too

The Airhead Lob the Blob is a game that brings your family together to have fun. It can be enjoyed by all age groups and hence, a buy that will not disappoint you. A pool game that promises hours of fun with your loved ones. If you are looking for a pool game, you can go for the Airhead Lob the Blob without a second thought. It is a package with loads of fun for your children, parents, and yourself.

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