The power of unity in women inspired by the giver of stars novel

This book depicts the courage and resourcefulness of women in love and the rejuvenated bond of woman friendship. The giver of stars is an adventure novel based on the competence of female leaders in the society today. Based on a true life story in America, Alice married a young man named Bennett with the hope that she would escape her uncomfortable life in England without knowing what fate meant for her. But Kentucky proved to be a nightmare she never hoped for due to the over reaction to things of her father in law. The giver of stars is a funny, heartbreaking, entrailng and a the rewards of true friendship among women. This novel also gives us an insight of what happens when we can not control our destiny and fate. Giver of stars novel is a true life story based on loyalist, justice, humanity and passion of women determined to succeed in the society.

From this novel, every woman should acknowledge the power in true friendship and stand united to eradicate gender inequality in the society today. This novel challenges female competence in the society today and explains the reason why women need to be united for justice in order to claim their rights in the society. The giver of stars was basically written for females to know the power in true friendship and the benefits that accompanies unity in women even though it might be challenging. When Alice married her husband, she didn’t foresee what was coming as her husband’s father was a threat to her success. Alice’s profession was based on delivering books for libraries but she soon finds herself in the midst of fellow women with the same profession but these ladies were all single.

When a call goes out for a group and team of women to deliver books as part of Eleanor Roosevelt new traveling library, Alice signs up with a lot of courage showing preparedness for this job. The leader of this group who later became her greatest enemy was a brave, courageous and self sufficient woman who never planned in her life to rely on any man and wasn’t prepared to fall in love with any man. Both Alice and the leader of the traveling team were joined by three single ladies who were known to be the parkhose librarians of Kentucky according to the giver of stars. Along the line, a lot of things happened between these women now that they had lovers which really put their loyalty, passion and justice on the line. This life of this three women questioned which was important between their love lives and their careers as both threatened to affect each other.

These women refused to be controlled by their lovers and because of this faced a lot of challenges both in their careers and love life. Despite this challenges, these heroic women never refused to be committed to their jobs and had to be courageous to overcome these challenges. They continued to deliver books to people who have never had the experience of life and explained the facts that would change their lives forever. This novel challenges women in the society not to be reliant on men as it would do them no good but would continue to make them look inferior to their men.. In order words, this novel encouraged women to be courageous and to be able to stand up and defend their rights whenever they are being cheated in the society.

The novel explains the reason why women should stand in unity to defend themselves against gender inequality in the society. For a woman who wants to be a leader in the society, she must learn to live and act like a man by being self sufficient and not relying on any man to survive. This novel teaches women to be strong and courageous and to know their rights and learn to fight for their rights. The giver of stars taught women to have passion in what they find themselves doing and that when they are the best, no man feels above them. Based on a true life story, this novel explains the reality and bitter truth about life that supports the fact that both men and women had equal rights.

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