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The power to choose in what should Danny Do?

What Should Danny Do? Is an interactive and innovative book that helps children understand the impact of their choices in their future life. The book is about Danny, a boy who is always a hero in training, all his associates want to relate to him. This book contains nine stories, and in all the stories, both boys and girls try to control an outcome to each dilemma Danny experiences. They guide his day through all the possible nine endings in the stories. Danny encounters several choices that kids come across on their daily basis.

If you navigate between the different story lines of this book, you will begin to realize that Danny’s choices nurtured his life into what he ended up being. In turn your choices will shape your days and ultimately your life too. Similarly, it’s easy for kids to do the same when they read this book. Boys and girls both love to relate and associate with Danny as his character and behavior are all admirable. If you are a parent or teacher, you should use the social and emotional skills the book teaches, to empower kids to make positive choices. You should also demonstrate the natural consequences using negative choices to the kids to enable them be wise in decision-making.

Danny’s empowering adventure continues at school, parents, teachers, and kids love the decisions on persistence, friendship, empathy and socialization. He sets an example that influences everyone to admire being around him and interact with him. His parents also supported his choices by forgiving him whenever he had a bad day and encouraged him to make the next day better. The book can help kids make reasonable choices and also talk about the outcomes, and the impacts they build on their lives.

Eventually, With nine stories in one book, the fun never ends, every choice in this book is designed to teach children a variety of lessons. These lessons include sharing, empathy, the value of hard work, patience, and several other social skills. The overarching lesson is that our choices are what shape our days and our lives into what we will be. Your future belongs to the choices you make and unless you make the right choices, you will live to be a slave of your past. It’s a nice and great book for innovating the pillars of character and also a wonderful resource for developing a great mindset.

Occasionally, a teacher would use this book to teach kids on the values of respect, hard work and right choices in life. A parent will also use this book to innovate and develop a great state of mind in an upcoming child. Sunday school teachers would find this book useful too in nurturing positive minds in Sunday school kids. If you’re a parent or a teacher, I’d urge you to make sure you have this book in your bookshelves to help you share the skills in the content of this book. This book is therefore a perfect fit for anyone trying to teach kids about responsibility and about the power of their choices.

Particularly, am sure your kid would want this book if you’re a parent. Students will also need this book to help them relate their choices in real life. Dealing with kids is not always easy and such a book is a good walk through to a wise kid. Decision-making and choices are also determined through life experience, and therefore, through Danny’s experience, kids will be able to end up with the right choices about their experiences. The kids can clearly see how their choices influence the type of day that they have and create knowledge out of which good choices comes from.

Nine stories in one book, a clear reason why your purchase will be worthy the help of this book. A high quality, hardcover embossed book that you will keep for a long time to come. Its price and shipping cost are reasonably affordable for you, purchase one for your benefit. The teachings from “What should Danny Do?” are basic concepts to shaping everyone’s life from kids to elderly parents. You should however be able to understand the book’s meaning and empress its positivity and relate it to the choices you make in life.

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