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Human beings have invented computers for various reasons; to help them with their daily activities. The functions are many and they keep on changing from time to time. In this generation, computers are used to create autonomy at workplaces. Instead of doing a repetitive piece of work for several, you can use a computer. Computers function like higher human beings, though they do not make their own decisions.

Their functioning is being influenced by the owner who is the operator who is giving it commands. Before, they only used computers in offices, where they would store and process data. We even use computers even in schools and businesses to perform a wide variety of functions. These functions can be from doing assignments by a student to ensuring the owner’s enterprise runs smoothly with no difficulties in terms of research and data processing and keeping.

It is sleek to fit in the hands of the holder and very light, hence they can carry this laptop for a lengthy period without getting tired. This feature is uncommon with other laptops, which gives more reason the user should prefer buying this machine as compared to other laptops. Besides these wonderful features, it comes with 1 terabyte cloud storage.

This will save from buying external storage devices since you will take a longer duration of time to exhaust the storage provided. Besides the free space, it comes with free access to office 365 products, which is Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint among many features of Microsoft office. They encourage cloud keeping of data since they can easily retrieve data easily in case you change or lose your device.

Data kept in the cloud can also be encrypted to prevent a third party from accessing the sensitive documents. Unlike external storage devices that you can easily lose. Because of these reasons, it encourages you to opt to buy this HP product to ensure you can get access to these features that will ensure the safety of your data.

Besides these wonderful features, the laptop has a basic input-output system embedded into the motherboard of the system. It helps to link the hardware components of the computer to the software components, hence enabling them to function in an integrated manner. The laptop also comes with a one year warranty, so in case the product develops any technical hitches while being used within the year of purchase.

Repairing the machine will be under the expense of the company. Similarly, it comes with windows 10 operating system installed in it, hence saving the user to cost of having to buy an operating system for the laptop. Since it is light as compared to the other laptops, the user can carry it around for a longer duration of time. Its battery life is suitable even in areas where there’s no stable supply of electricity to charge it. This is because while playing videos, its battery can last up to eight hours and fifteen minutes. While streaming things online, the battery has a life duration of up to seven hours and thirty minutes.

Compared to the other gadgets, this laptop is more preferable for use since it can fit in any environment. In reference to the memory, it has a random access memory of four gigabytes. This means it can process numerous information at the same time without hanging. To add to the read-only memory, it has a random access memory of 32 gigabytes, which can be used in addition to the additional one terabyte cloud storage that had been given earlier. With such features, the owner can maneuver between storing and processing data to information without having to worry about anything.

When you purchase this product, you will be able to have a better view of the applications. With its dimensions, you can easily view its contents without having to struggle. In addition to the dimensions, it has a high definition of images processed. Hence the owner will have a good experience in viewing the contents displayed, without having to struggle. Purchasing the laptop is a guarantee that you will forget all the issues that people have faced. The developers have a 24-hour web support team ready to take care of your needs.

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