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The review about Dr. Seuss’s Beginner Book Collection

Dr. Seuss is an author who writes books with stories that children can read and understand. At the moment he has written books which have been translated into several languages to ensure that all people in the world can use them.

The cover of his beginner book has funny images to attract children to read the stories in it. He uses drawings that look like cartoons, which kids see from movies like Coco. One of the sketches has open hands as a sign of welcoming people to read the fantastic stories. The images appear in different shades so that children can learn various colors. Since the most significant part of the cover is blue, it matches with the tints from the comics. The blue shade is unisex, and hence the designer of the book aims at ensuring that both boys and girls can use it. All the writings about the title are in a white shade to allow quick discovery when mixed with the other books.

Since the colors are bright, a reader can see the dust on the book and wipe it to avoid diseases like coughs. The book uses a simple English language that children can read and understand without any help from their parents. It is hence useful to children who are trying to learn how to read sentences. The author uses simple and short words to write the stories in the book. People from countries that do not speak English can hence use it to train themselves the language without going to a school. Due to the usage of simple phrases, verbs, and nouns, elementary schools can use the book to teach children in all grades.

The stories are unique and funny to ensure that children do not get bored when using the book. Since the tales are engaging, the kids are motivated to read Dr. Seuss’s beginner book regularly. The usage of the publication for a long duration allows them to know the accurate spelling of the words in the stories. They tend to improve their ability to form proper sentences since they can understand when to use the commas and full stops. It can hence replace other books that teachers use to train the language.

The stories have repetitive words to ensure that kids can remember them even when they grow old. Since the tales are memorable, they can write them as the topics in their composition exams. The act of sharing the stories in school allows them to build the confidence that is needed to make speeches. There are tongue twisters in the tales to ensure that they can learn how to pronounce words that sound almost the same. Learning such words allows them to win in competitions that involve writing and expressing the terms correctly.

Since the stories allow children to like reading the book, teachers can give it to those who perform well during the prize-giving days. It is the best present to motivate them to improve their results during exams. Some children love writing and reading novels when in school or at home. Parents can hence give them the book as a gift during their birthdays so that they can gain more writing skills. Kids that love watching cartoons can receive the book as a way of congratulating them for finishing a movie. It is an excellent surprise for teachers who are trying to ensure that all children are comfortable in class when learning. The book is hence a superb present for any person as long as the reason is related to children.

When using it in school, young children can carry it in their bags without straining since it is not heavy. Its length and width have a standard size to ensure that the book can fit in the library drawers without folding it. The price needed to buy the book is reasonable since it contains many stories that are useful to the children. Parents should not doubt the book since the author has a long experience in writing and hence can know the best tales that children can love. Since the book has an affordable price, guardians who want their kids to pass their English exams can decide to buy it from the seller.

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