The Room where it Happened: A White House Memoir Book Review

The outcome of the White House election was upgraded and important aspect of Trump governance. With weekly privileged to see the leaders on daily basis John Bolton has created a direct use of his leisure time in the office. What he saw surprised him greatly, the person who was getting elected wasn’t who he wanted.

It is truly appalling that someone who purports to be a public servant would maintain silence in the face of so much corruption going on in the same room. However, this review is not about John Bolton, but this book he has written. Bolton’s perspective comes with the assumption he is the smartest person in the room. Everyone else is a dummy, inexperienced, or otherwise lacking the ability to perceive the nature of evil. That may be what he is going for, but he just comes off as a monstrous, spiteful, warmongering chickenhawk.

All of his choices rely on using sticks, and he has no flexibility at all. Therefore, as a diplomat, he is a useless ass, but there is such a lack of self-awareness that you watch him patting himself on the back with “clever” tactics to avoid responsibility and accountability, dodging here and there, always aiming higher, always just a little short, mostly because he is entirely untrustworthy and vile, though he trumpets himself a patriot. Along the way, he takes down a whole group of diplomats who are catty to a fault. In the end really wonder what any of them are doing in government.

John Bolton’s book aims squarely at the people unlikely to be caught up in the trump hysteria. The book is dense and written with the wonkiness John Bolton is known for. He can do whatever he wants and suffers no electoral consequences and will still have a high ranking job in government no matter who is in office. The book has gotten many positive reactions from fans all over, many have downloaded or bought the book online. Sites like Ali-express sells this note for 15 dollars and can be shipped to any destination with little shipping fee.

Excerpts from former national security adviser John Bolton’s book about his time in the Trump administration paint a damning view of the president as a stunningly uninformed man who was outmatched by the job he was elected to do, according to three newspapers that obtained advance copies of the book. Modesty trait held by the introspective and wisened, but none of that will be found in Bolton’s screed.

The writing style was beautiful and inviting, almost like reading notes of several meetings. Definately for inspiration and interesting, one thing that readers were impressed with was the way that Trump’s actual tweets were highlighted within the book and put in a different font color juxtaposing his penchant. Governing by tweets to Bolton’s prose, that lent a bit of intrigue and some kind of touchstone to this book and its important lessons. This book can be purchased at any online or offline store for as little as 15 dollars and delivered to any destination for little shipping fee.

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