the SEALIFE DC2000 Lens

If you regularly explore the underwater world this review will help you in finding the best lens you could ever buy for your camera. You may even like to travel to different countries to explore the oceans or you’re just a regular photographer. This review will give you a little more insight into the SEALIFE DC2000 Lens and why it is the best option for what you would like to shoot underwater.

SEALIFE, if you are unfamiliar with the brand, is a very well-known brand that was founded in 1990 and specializes in cameras that capture vibrant, clear, and detailed photos of the ocean wildlife. Their cameras are made to endure deep undersea captures for a long time. Famous for being the first company to ever release an underwater digital camera that can endure extreme and even difficult conditions. You can find all the information you may need about SEALIFE on their website as well as all the amazing cameras they sell.

One very interesting product available with SEALIFE is the Super Macro Press-on Anti-reflective Lens that comes with a 52mm Adapter. Made for intense closeup shots for small objects you may find in the ocean. The lens easily attaches to the SEALIFE DC Series cameras. It comes with a rubberized cowling around the lens making it easy to attach to the built-in camera lens. This rubberized cowling will also aid in protecting the lens in case you accidentally bump it against anything.

The SEALIFE lens also comes with a few rods that attach to the lens which are referred to as distance sticks. These help you assess the distance between you and the object you are capturing. This comes in handy especially when you are in water as telling the distance becomes a little harder. They are easily removable if you prefer not to have them on the lens at all.

As mentioned before the lens can fit any of the DC series and allows you to zoom in up to 4x, providing you with beautiful detailed shots of the ocean’s wildlife. It has a 2 element optical glass, featuring a 10 diopter and an anti-reflective coating. The lens is made out of anodized aluminum with an SL977 52mm adapter that allows it to mount to any DC Series camera housing. In the package, upon arrival you will receive a protective pouch as well together with the lens itself.

This lens will change the game for any ocean photography as it allows you to zoom in as much as you need to capture the true essence of the underwater world. Along with the DC2000 digital camera, this lens will change the way you take photos as the quality and clarity of your photos will shine through with each individual shot. Investing in this lens will ensure a clean and vibrant photo each time. After testing this product it is clear as to why there is so much hype about it. It really took the game to the next level and surely SEALIFE will never disappoint.

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