The selfie stick tripod recommended to all to photo and video lovers

The world of photography has grown in a few years to bring some developments into existence. Since smartphones were discovered, they keep coming up with new modifications, this includes the introduction of front cameras. As the front cameras became popular, people used to take photos by holding their phones to take selfies and groupies. After some time, there was an introduction of selfie sticks that you could use to grip your phone while taking selfies. They later advanced to the introduction of a selfie stick tripod. This made work more comfortable as you just pose, and the photos are taken either by the use of timers or remote controls.

UBeesize 51 inches extendable tripod stand is an advanced version of the selfie stick tripod as it was launched in November 2019. It has added features that did not exist in previous tripod stands. This tripod stand allows you to take selfies, group photos, adventure travels, vlogs, YouTube videos, podcasts, live streams, Facebook live, Instagram, and face time. It has the capability of 180 degrees neck rotation and 360 degrees head rotation allowing you to have an extensive coverage while taking photos.

As a YouTuber, this tripod works well for you as it allows you to take videos from any angle you would prefer, and it will have excellent stability. This makes it possible to record professional pictures and videos, enabling you to entertain your viewers at all times. Its ability to rotate allows you to move around while recording without worrying about the final product as the camera turns with you in any direction you direct it.

This tripod can be connected to android and apple phones, action cameras, GoPros, camcorder, and digital cameras. The tripod allows you to video call either on official matters or when linking up with friends. It can be used to conduct formal meetings due to its stability and hold cameras or phones without any problem. You can also connect it to a projector, making it possible to present your work when in a meeting or during a job presentation.

Since it’s very light and has not reached a kilogram, you can move with it quickly as you are either vlogging or recording videos. You can put it in your backpack as it can fit perfectly because when folded, it becomes short. The tripod can be used it to record a video when jumping from a cliff into a pool of water, when zip lining, cliff climbing, or even banjo jumping. It works well when used in outdoor activities since it can hold your phone or camera very well.

This tripod comes with a Bluetooth remote control that you can sync using your phone, and the installation is fast as it takes few minutes to set up and function. It can connect with Samsung, Huawei, iPhone versions 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11, and many other phones as it does not need an app. Since the remote can connect with both an iPhone and an android, it gives you a variety to link any phone you are using as long it’s a smartphone. This Bluetooth remote helps you to take pictures and record videos up to 30 feet away from the phone, making it possible to cover many things in the image or video.

Using this tripod enables you to take photos of everybody, especially when you want everybody to be in the picture. You can pose as a family and still make the pictures with quality without any problem. This helps you record yourself dancing or working out, and you shall capture every footage you would like to achieve. It also helps you take beautiful moments when you are out on vacation with your loved one, as you all can take pictures and videos together and share the moments together.

This selfie stick tripod can be recommended to everybody who is in love with taking photos and recording videos. It’s a simple tool to use, therefore making it possible for anybody to interact with it without any difficulty. It is a good investment if you would love to record steady videos and pictures as it is very affordable and pocket friendly. The UBeesize Company offers a one-year warranty for any purchase of the product; therefore, you can return it just in case it breaks down within that period.

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