STM goods DUX shell duo case for Apple iPad 7th Gen is a type of iPad case that protects iPad 7th Gen from its day to day activities impacts. It is a case that works smoothly and tirelessly with the device. The product was manufactured by STM goods and weighs about 0.2 Kilograms with dimensions of about ten by seven by zero point five approximately. Dux line finds pride in providing an item with effective security measures put in place minus the bulk that might come with such an item. Either, the case itself slips effortlessly into the iPad, therefore, providing comprehensive coverage and protection. STM Shell duo case was first made available on December 23, 2019.

Anyone can use this product, ranging from kids to adults provided they have a black iPad that is the 7th generation. It’s easy to use and all that is needed is just placing the case on the iPad appropriately. The case comes with a variety of features which include compatibility, storage, protection, and design. Dux shell duo case for apple is compatible and fits perfectly into the iPad leaving no loose fittings. Despite that, it is also compatible with the earlier 11 inch iPad models.

Built-in storage is another feature of the case as a person can store, protect, and easily access their apple pencil from the case’s dedicated storage area. This storage space was initially a characteristic of the 1st generation models. Having storage space for the iPad pencil ensures that the pencil is well-kept and accessible and easily found whenever lost.

On matters of protection, the case has passed the United States mil specs 810drop tests which were done to try to establish various conditions on which it could be used. This Dux case was found to sustain all operating functions even after it was plunged twenty-six times from a height of about 4 feet. It’s a great design consisting of a highly protective clear polycarbonate shell and not forgetting a rubberized TPU bracket. Either, the case is electronic with a patented magnetic closure. Its translucent back allows for a person’s customization according to their preference, likes, and wants. For example, a person may decide to customize the back with their favorite stickers. Either, the back allows for asset tagging for various businesses and schools.

With its advanced protection, it can withstand heavy use in classrooms and a variety of work environments therefore suitable for use in heavy work situations. It is long-lasting and can be used for long periods as it is made up of material that is water-resistant and drips or spills do not have any effect on it hence by this nature, it protects the iPad beneath. Either, it is easy to use as the only thing required is fitting the case correctly to the iPad. The case not forgetting, allows for the instant waking or sleeping of the pad at appropriate times, therefore, conserving battery power.

It is a good purchase because it is affordable and for such a small price, a person acquires about lifetime protection for their iPad. Another reason that makes it a good purchase is the fact that it’s unisex hence can be acquired by both men and women. This amazing product is available at all your favorite shopping sites and can also be bought as a gift for friends, family, and loved ones. You are just a click away from having one of the best cases released for iPads.

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