The UNO Minecraft Card Game

Playing games is one of the best ways to connect with your family and friends. There is no better way to play than choosing an easy and fun game that everyone understands. UNO Minecraft is an advanced and special version of UNO cards. It has a new action card that you use to show the other players after which they are supposed to draw three more cards. The game has one hundred and twelve cards. There are 19 blue cards, 19 red cards, 19 yellow cards, 19 green cards, 8 draw two cards. The action cards are; 8 skip cards, 8 reverse cards, 4 wild cards 4 wild draw four cards and 4 creeper cards.

Playing the UNO Minecraft game is exceedingly easy and fun, making it an ideal family game. The players in this game intend to put away all the cards, and the winner is considered to be the first person to achieve the five hundred points.

How to play UNO Minecraft Card game

To play this game, you first need to pick up a card that has the same color, symbol or number as the top-most card on the discard pile. If you don’t have a card that is similar to the one on top, you can place the wild card, if you have it. In case you also don’t have the wild card, then you have to pick one extra card from the pile of cards. If the card you have picked is similar to the one on top of the discard pile, you are allowed to place it on the discard pile. However,if the card you have picked is not similar to the one on top of the disc pile, you remain with it and add it to your pile of cards and the game proceeds on to the next person.

How to use the Action cards

The action cards in the game are; ‘draw two card’, reverse card, skip card, wild card, ‘wild draw 4 card’ and the creeper card. When you choose to play with the ‘draw two card’, the person playing after you has two pick two more cards and then miss their turn. Before you choose to play with this card, you have to ensure it matches the color of the card on top or the card on top is a ‘draw two card’.

When you use the reverse card, the direction of the game changes either from left to right or right to left. You have to ensure the card on top is also a reverse card or has the same color. Placing the skip card means that the person who was supposed to play after you loses their chance to place or pick a card in that round and the person next to them plays as the game continues. You can only place the card if the one on top is a skip card or the same color. Placing the wild card means you get to select the color to be used next. The ‘wild draw 4 card’ is similar to the wild card, only that the next player has to pick four additional cards from the draw pile. When you draw the creeper card, you have to show your opponents and pick three more cards from the draw pile.

This game works really well for non-readers too because you can use the Minecraft characters as reference instead of the numbers. It is also fun for Minecraft kids who need to get off the electronics because it keeps them occupied.


The dimensions of the product are five point seven*three point six*zero point eight inches. Its shipping weight is around six ounces and the manufacturer’s recommended age is seven to ten years. The cards come in a quality, attractive box with pictures of the cards. Inside the box, there are the cards and a leaflet that has the instructions on how to play the game. The game is widely played across the world and it has numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers all over the world. You can purchase the UNO Minecraft Card game online at a pocket friendly price.

Don’t just sit at home bored, have fun with your family and friends playing cards. Play UNO at home with your family, in a social gathering with new people or even at a party with your friends. Get the UNO Minecraft cards and start enjoying some quality time with your loved ones by enjoying this fun Minecraft edition of UNO. Don’t forget to shout ‘UNO’ when you are down to one card.

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