The Versatility And Beauty Of Ytl Tote Bags

Tote bags are bags suitable for carrying a variety of items. These items could range from laptops to as small as colognes or even extra change. A good tote bag can be a lifesaver during those especially busy days when you have to shuffle between getting a few things from the supermarket, going out with friends or even attending a function.

The Women Fashion Handbags Tote Shoulder Bag Top handle Satchel Purse Set 4pcs is a mountain above the highest hill in quality, durability, and versatility. This product is a must-have for every woman out there because of its functional and versatile use. With this 4 in 1 purse set, you can go from bossy and stylish to casual and chic with just a switch of bags.

This tote bag has an outstanding make-up, it is designed with good synthetic leather quality. The leather is made water resistant and is also resistant to fade. It is made with fabric and polyester lining with durable gold hardware, it is easy to maintain. This product has four bags in the set, all included in one purchase. A hand bag, a messenger bag, a wallet clutch, and a card holder.

The Handbag is about twelve and a half inches (32 cm) wide. It is perfect for carrying your tablet or 13-inch Laptop around and convenient for packing for either a road trip or a weekend get away. This handbag has numerous pocket compartments and can contain items such as cell phones, books and even a medium sized make-up kit.

The messenger bag is over 10 inches wide, this messenger bag is big enough to contain a cell phone with enough room to carry other items around. Additionally, it is durable and sleek looking, perfect for going out on a date or even a late night stroll. It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap that can be set to a length that fits your needs, the adjustable strap is a little over 45 inches long.

Next, is the wallet clutch, it can be used as a wallet, as the name implies. It is very convenient and can perfectly carry your cell phone, and other essentials. If you ever get those days when you have to quickly drive to the supermarket or mall to get a few items, the wallet clutch would be perfect for you. Just put in all you need, throw it on, and off you go.

The world is steadily becoming cashless, so much so that most people do not carry notes and bills with them anymore. They prefer carrying around their credit cards, debit cards, ATM cards and others. Some times, though, these cards are hard to find in big handbags and searching for them can be very tedious, especially in urgent situations. Hence, the card holder, included in the set, this was specifically designed by YTL, to meet your need to keep all your cards organized. This can either be used with the rest of the set or used individually.

Another fact about this product that really warms the heart, is its availability in a variety of colors. Using this functional and fashionable bag made with a color you love, will increase your confidence level and leave you smiling through out the day. Some available colors include black, white, and brown, you can shuffle between colors, depending on your needs. This handbag is also affordable and cost-effective, especially when compared with the vast number of products like these out there. Thus, you can never go wrong if you buy this product. Each customer is given exceptional customer service treatment during the purchase and even afterwards.

The benefits of having this handbag cannot be played down. It is functional, sleek, chic looking, affordable, and most of all, versatile. Tote bags have been used since the 17th century, they never go out of style because of their blend of functionality and beauty. So, you do not need to worry about your bag being out of fashion in a couple of years. Instead, you can use your bag for as long as you wish with peace of mind as long as you maintain it properly. Treat yourself to something good by purchasing this bag for yourself, or you can light up a friend’s face by getting them this handbag as a gift. Anyhow, it is certain to leave you all happy for a long time.

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