The Word Collector- a beautiful picture book with a strong message

The Word Collector is a beautiful storybook for all ages, written by Peter Reynolds. It is a picture book that narrates the story of a young boy, named Jerome. He, unlike other collectors, collects words instead of materialistic things like coins and stamps. Later, by accident, he finds that the words when placed together can do wonders that they individually fail to. So, he places meaningful and beautiful words together to weave them into poetry and songs. Finally, he shares his passion of collecting words to other children of the world by throwing the bag full of his collection from the top of a mountain. This way he spreads his passion as well as knowledge to the children of the whole world.

It is a perfect book for your children if you want to inculcate a habit of reading from an early age. They will find it interesting as it contains wonderful illustrations along with the texts. This helps create an interest in reading and boosts the children’s creative side of the brain. It encourages the children to think about empowering the world from a tender age. So, if you want to build a reading habit in your kid, this could take you a step closer to your target. The Word Collector is also a very good option when you run out of ideas for bedtime stories.

Being a teacher, you can get this book to read to your students. It can be a good story for a play on annual days as it is easy to narrate and portray. The book has a child of color as a protagonist, which teaches the value of acceptance. Kids understand that the small words make up the most meaningful sentences, as narrated by the author. Therefore, it is a book that helps you keep the kids entertained while introducing morals.

Gifting someone could really be a headache at times, and you have a fear of the receiver disliking the gift. You can gift The Word Collector on a birthday or as a Christmas present. There is almost no chance that the receiver will not like the gift. They will irrespective of their age, cherish this wonderful present from you. This is a perfect gift for any occasion and every individual of all age groups. It is a short story that has some deep meaning and teaches everyone a life lesson, while simultaneously being entertaining. If you run out of ideas for gifting someone, this book is always a dependable choice.

Whether you want to gift it someone or just want it for your child, go for The Word Collector without a thought. This picture book delivers the promised fun to individuals of all age groups. The messages in the book are loud and clear, which makes it great for toddlers to teach them some moral lessons. Illustrations in the book further aid the teaching as they show a boy of color as the main character. The Word Collector is one finely written and illustrated book suitable for all three age groups. A message of self and World empowerment is also delivered by the author in the most beautiful way.

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