The Wrath of Poseidon,

Wrath of Poseidon, a Sam and Remi Fargo adventure, is a fantasy movie released in 2012. It is a sequel to the movie, Clash of the Titans released in 2010. This 2D action-adventure movie features film stars; Sam Worthington as one of the main actors of the film, acting as Perseus’. The director of the movie is Jonathan Liebesman with David Johnson and Dan Mazeau directing the screenplay. As the name suggests, it is about the wrath of the gods after humanity’s lack of devotion and as they lose of control over imprisoned titans.

This happens ten years after Perseus, son of Zeus, heroically defeats the monstrous Kraken and decides to live a peaceful life with his son after his wife died. He is a demigod who left to start a quiet life in a fishing village while raising his son, Helius. Zeus pays him a visit one night, to ask him for help regarding the uprising threat caused by Kronos, the leader of the imprisoned titans. He claims that the walls of the underground prison in Tartarus have weakened and the gods are losing their power and becoming mortal. Humans no longer pay their respects to them causing the change in strength, and they can no longer support the walls of Tartarus.

For his son’s sake and safety, he rejects the offer and prefers not to return to his former life. Zeus summons his brothers; Hades, Poseidon and his son, Ares for a peace offering and to ask for their help against the demons. He asks Hades for help rebuilding the prisons walls, but he attacks him instead fatally injuring Poseidon. Ares goes against Zeus and betrays him, imprisons him and then steals Zeus’ thunderbolt. Hades and Ares join hands to revive Kronos’ strength and make a deal with him to gain immortality. In the process, the walls of Tartarus break releasing all the imprisoned demons on earth. With Zeus weakened power, the titans grow stronger and seek to wreak havoc on earth.

Although, Kronos is Zeus and his brothers’ father, he was a cruel king who abused his powers. As a punishment, he was sent to prison deep in Tartarus’ abyss to serve his remaining days in the darkness where he met and befriended the demons. Perseus notices a problem when he spots a chimera that attacked his village, and slays it. He finds Poseidon severely injured when he takes his son to see Zeus on the Mount of Idols. Poseidon tells them of what happened and instructs them to find his son, Agenor, who will then lead him to Hephaestus who will guide their way. Before Poseidon dies, he gives him his trident and crumbles to a pile of dust. After freeing Agenor from Queen Andromeda, they head to find Hephaestus on a hidden island.

Hephaestus was the one who made Poseidon’s trident, Hades’ pitchfork and Zeus’ thunderbolt. When merged, they form the Spear of Trium, the only weapon that can kill Kronos. They find Hephaestus who is now mortal, and he leads them to Tartarus. Before they reach it, there is a large labyrinth guarded by a Minotaur which is killed by Perseus. Hephaestus sacrifices his life for the group when Ares attack them enabling them to enter the labyrinth. When they arrive, they find Zeus drained of most of his powers to awaken Kronos. Hades has a change of heart after Zeus begs him for forgiveness and decides to join them.

They successfully manage to retrieve Hades’ pitchfork and escape with Zeus who was injured by Ares. Though they managed to escape, they still need to retrieve Zeus’ thunderbolt from Ares to form the Spear of Trium. He challenges Ares to a duel for Zeus’ thunderbolt. Meanwhile, Makhai overwhelms Andromeda’s army and Kronos appears further weakening them. Hades revives Zeus and together they join in the fight against titans. Ares is defeated and killed with a thunderbolt. By combining the three, Perseus uses the spear of trium to kill the villain.

After the war is won, Zeus reconciles with Perseus before he dies. He and his son are forced to remain in Tartarus to protect it despite Heleus protests. The movie comes to a close with him giving his son a sword and encouraging him to be proud of his heritage.

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