The ZOSI Full 1080p Dome Security Camera Security System

Security is important thing and the thought of not being safe makes the blood boil and the heart to beat faster making people worried. There are many ways to look into this problem of security and there are various solutions to solve and deal with the same issue. Some may opt for security guards while others may settle for security dogs whereas others may decide to install surveillance cameras. With the new ZOSI 1080 HDD lite indoor and outdoor surveillance camera system, the issue of security for business, even compound was taken to a whole new level. This product has new features, upgraded, and unique to ensure that the needs and wants of users we’re met.

When manufacturing the product, the manufacturers who are ZOSI ensured that the cameras met the market standards. The weight of the commodity is 25 pounds (11 kilogram), this makes it easy to transport, with dimensions of 17 × 12 × 8 inches (43 × 30 × 20 centimeters), the packaging is not big in size concerning appearance. Varieties of colors are available for selection but in this case, black is the best. This is because of the ability to easily blend in with the surrounding, hiding it from the sight of potential threats such as burglars and thieves.

Installed with a day mode and night mode too, they are to function differently. Has a day mode which can view and record events in colored appearance whereas the night mode on the other hand views and records events in black and white appearance. The camera has infra-red LED light that is 24 pieces in number and has a diameter of 5 millimetres when measured. Infra-red lights automatically turn on during the night, this enables the camera to cover a distance of 80 feet (24 meters). When it comes to the angle of view, the gadget covers 90 degrees of area surveillance.

Being able to withstand all weather, it is the perfect commodity for both indoor and outdoor security. Favorable for banks, airports, and large business enterprises that need to monitor a huge number of activities all at once. This has been enabled by the ability of the camera to connect to Windows PC, iPhone, and androids. When the camera detects motion, it immediately portrays the information to your phone. In some instances, you may decide to record the footage and watch it later since the product comes with a 2 TB external storage to store your data safely.

The commodity comes with four cameras, mounting screws for each camera, and a DVR machine among others. This enables the community to perform at its best giving the assurance of high-quality. Concerning durability, the camera is the last longing one when it comes to durability. This is because the materials used to manufacture the product that is plastic and metal ensures the body of the camera is weatherproofed and durable.

The item is very useful because of a variety of reasons, for instance, it allows a maximum of 10 users. This means that the work of surveillance can be managed by more than one person. Since it accommodates 8 channels, each user can take their own personal channel and manage it to ensure no minor details are missed. The camera has records stored therefore when one requires the footage of an earlier event, they just search for it using date and time.

Considering the price, it is economically friendly to the customers and gives them value for their money. Purchasing the commodity saves money spent on security guards’ salaries. This is because instead of hiring more guards to keep watch, the manager can purchase the gadgets. Saves on time as it does not require skills to set up and requires less supervision, unlike guards.

The gadget has proven to be outstanding with unique features. Due to this, the commodity has competed favorably in the market and earned high ratings and recommendations. Being weatherproofed, having day mode and night mode, and the ability to record and store past and previous footage makes the camera something to consider when it comes to security. Covering a large distance and the infra-red led that enable the night vision, this product gives the assurance of tightening your security. With an added advantage to connect your android, you can manage the camera from anywhere despite the distance.

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