Review about The Say It Louder!: Black Voters, White Narratives and Saving Our Democracy book authored by Tiffany Cross

Do you have an interest in reading political books that give deeper insights into the American democracy? Would you be interested to be informed about black voters, white narratives and the democracy? This is the best book you should prefer to read in your quest for knowledge about the politics of the USA. The Say It Louder!: Black Voters, White Narratives and Saving Our Democracy is a nicely written book by Tiffany Cross that shall show the reader about the dynamics of the USA politics. Tiffany presents to the reader facts that have shaped the field of democracy in the USA.

The reader will be presented with wonderfully studied cases that have happened previously which resulted in good outcomes that are witnessed on the corridors of political powers. It is a call of reckoning to the black voters to understand that they have power to shape the democracy of the USA as they will. The author provides a louder voice of reckoning from the wilderness just as John the Baptist did in the scriptures. This is a candid submission that every black man should read to understand their net worth in tipping the scales of power in this democratic country to their desirable advantages.

Tiffany Cross writes excellently on the facts about the electoral power of the black bloc votes. He weighs its magnitude and intensity in different percentages by backing it up with statistics that are true and correct. This book will show the specific percentages of black votes casted in the previous elections, facts that affected those rates and future directions that should be followed to ensure that blacks can be back in power. There are various numbers that are highlighted in this book that can be confirmed from statistics report to be realistic and achievable if the black votes were to work together.

She argues on sensitive matters pertaining the frequent sabotage of black vote data to continue the white narratives of maintaining power at all costs. Readers will find this book to giving deeper insights into issues like cable news manipulation, denial of the right to vote to the blacks and campaign leadership that is always unfair. All these efforts are made to ensure that the blacks are not capable to be granted roles of leadership when they are the best qualified candidates for the jobs or political offices in the USA.

Furthermore, you will understand why the media houses are always inclined towards the White Narratives that are meant to destabilise the democratic rights of the blacks. There are those black individuals who end up finding that their names are scrapped off from voters data hence getting denied their basic right to vote for their various leaders. This is devastating to them when they are living in a democratic country that they are proud of being citizens to. She argues in a bold, courageous and daring manner that will be an empowering and encouraging case to black voters to get ready to take their rightful place in the USA political democracy.

This book shall be a good reminder that will effectively assist the blacks to get ready to enjoy equity in the democratic country of the USA. The Say It Louder book can be regarded as an excellent attempt by the author to inspire discouraged black voters to rekindle their hopes and faith in democracy. They will be motivated by her amazing contents that are desired to teach, inform and educate its readers and call them to action. Any reader shall love this particular book due to its impeccable explanation of details that are crucial for black voter’s democracy.

To sum up, read the Say It Louder book to get deeper insights into the arena of the USA politics and how essentially the black vote is worth in its democracy. The reader will obtain facts that are true, real and serious about their rights that they should enjoy as a good citizen of the USA. Her expression of ideas without any fear is a stunning intervention that will amaze anyone who reads this wonderful book. Say It Louder book is availed in paperback print format therefore you should consider to order for from the vendor if you are interested in reading it.

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