Time Metropolitan R smartwatch for women is one of the most logical smartwatches

Timex is a name that has earned the trust of people around the world. It is known for its great quality and elegant looking watches, that are affordable too. The brand has created some great analog and digital watches in history. But, now it has entered the smartwatch business and strives to excel in this department too. The Timex Metropolitan R is a women’s smartwatch with fitness tracking. It is a competitor for many fitness trackers and smartwatches that cost less than two hundred dollars. This is a watch you should get if you want a smartwatch with a great user interface and also tracks your daily activities.

Most of the activity trackers are a disaster to look at, but, this one looks pretty on your wrist. The Rose gold strap goes great on every complexion and is complementary to anything you wear. Hence, you can wear this watch anywhere you go without thinking twice about your looks. It looks beautiful and elegant and can be worn to any event, from formal meetings to cocktail parties. This watch will look perfect on delicate as well as robust wrist and give you the confidence you need. If you are looking for a watch that compliments your looks, and yet, have a great range of functions, this is the perfect smartwatch you want.

The display of the watch is large enough for you to not stress your eyes while looking at it but, small enough to suit every wrist. You will be pleased to look at the watch thanks to the AMOLED display of the watch ensuring the bright display. It comes with twenty-five watch faces, giving you a watch that does not have to look the same every day. You can choose the face that you want giving you a customizable watch. Not only externally, but the display too is beautiful and elegant.

It has taken care of the fitness freaks too with the features that put some fitness trackers to shame. Twenty-four-hour activity tracking helps you to stay in control of your health. The heart rate sensor is one of the main features a fitness tracker should possess, but most of them don’t. Timex provides the buyers with a heart rate monitor along with step counter, sleep tracking, and calories burnt. If you like to keep track of your achievements, you can sync your watch with an application, to stay motivated. This watch being splash-proof, even if it is not suitable for swimming, helps you keep going in the rain too. The long battery life ensures that you do not run out of power in the middle of your workout.

You will not be disappointed if you are expecting smartwatch features from this watch too. Notifications will be received on the watch if your phone receives one from messages, Facebook, WhatsApp, or calls. You don’t need to see your phone for reading these notifications as this watch is enough for you to do that. If you cannot find your phone, the Phone Finder feature helps you do that with the watch. You can also control your music with the watch when you are running, or if your phone is in the bag. This watch is designed to make your life easy and your workout more efficient.

Even though it looks gentle, the watch is built to withstand some beating. The gorilla glass ensures that a mild blow will not crack the screen of your watch. The aluminum body is designed to take some blows without inflicting damage to the internal components. So, it does not matter if your use is rough, this watch can withstand some action. If you are an “extreme sports” enthusiast and want a smartwatch that can go with you on your adventures, this is one of the essentials you are going to pack.

So, if you buy the Timex Metropolitan R womens watch, you are going to get an activity tracker that is stylish and has the features of a smartwatch as well. This is a watch that will keep track of your health all day round. Made for rough use, this watch does not fail to be aesthetically great too. You can buy this smartwatch with your eyes closed if you want a watch that puts most watches in the price range to shame.

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