Tom Ellis as the Handsome Devil

Tom Ellis’ portrayal of Lucifer Morningstar is something that the world didn’t know it needed. In the Netflix series, the audience is introduced to a typically normal man that lives a good lifestyle. Lucifer lives in Los Angeles, comically known as the city of angels, where he manages his nightclub. He meets a detective, Chloe Decker (Lauren German), and he becomes intrigued by her. The Devil has a specific gift that allows him to bring out a person’s deepest desire. Chloe is different because his special gift doesn’t work on her.

The series pursues Lucifer and Chloe as they solve crimes and slowly fall for each other. Lucifer’s character is not something that anyone would have expected, and it adds to his charm. He is sensitive and, even though he tries to hide it, he cares about the people close to him. Tom Ellis brings the perfect emotions to the character that makes helps to make the character feel more human.

The audience feels a lot of emotions with him and Lucifer turns into someone that isn’t evil but just a rebellious character that was dealt a bad hand. Lucifer is very humorous and entices many laughs during each episode. He adds enough sexiness to keep the audience in anticipation. Being the devil and previously an angel, he is strong and has an evil side when those that he loves get hurt or are threatened.

Lucifer is sitting in a leather armchair in a dark room. In the series, the audience witnesses Lucifer going to therapy and this seems to be an image of him in therapy. The room has dark red walls which reminds the watcher about violence and blood. in this context, the red of the room is unlikely to show romantic value because nothing else in the photo reminds the watcher about love. There is a candle burning next to him which seems to have been burning for a long time, showing that he has been sitting there for a long time.

Lucifer, being a character of style, always wears suits, and, in the photo, he is fashioning one of his favorite dark suits. These suits show a side to Lucifer that tells the audience a lot. He likes to look good all the time; the character knows that he looks his best in a dark suit but he funnily enough never wears a tie which adds to the characters modern adaptations. Lucifer, being the owner of a nightclub and also blackmailing people, is wealthy. He has great taste and wears the best clothes, such as Armani, Louboutin, Hugo, and Calvin Klein. These brands are very exclusive and he seems to wear them every episode.

His ring has a story of its own which remains mysterious. He has worn it in every episode so far but in the new trailer for season 5 the ring is not on his hand which is a weird occurrence and the fans of this show have already come up with many theories. Even his hair is done perfectly and combed to the back.

His body language shows many possibilities with one being that he is thinking about something that doesn’t make him happy. He looks tired, with bags under his eyes, and his left arm raised makes it look like he is thinking deeply. His legs crossed shows that he is confident in himself and does not feel like he has to be on guard, he feels safe. The use of facial expression shows the watcher that he is defiant and concentrating on something.

From the viewpoint that the photo provides, there is a bit of a blur at the bottom of the screen, maybe showing the is at therapy or that someone is talking to him. Maybe he is thinking about something that Dr. Linda Martin (Rachael Harris) has brought to light, which also explains the bottle of wine at the bottom of the photo. He could also be watching someone who has just walked into the room.

The character of Lucifer is one of control and chaos put together. In this poster, the control is very clearly seen but in the background and in his body language chaos is present.

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