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Review: ASUS Laptop L406 Thin and Light Laptop, 14” HD Display, Intel Celeron N4000 Processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC Storage, Wi-Fi 5

Generally, everyone needs a fast way to complete their task, especially when such task entails making use of a laptop to complete it. This is why people are often on the look out to getting the best laptop that comes with the most appropriate feature that is enticing. Generally, getting the best laptop is paramount, this helps to complete your task, and also improves your working speed. ASUS laptop L 406 thin and light laptop is the best with 14 CM and HD this is Intel Celeron with 4000 processor. Entirely the best and highly recommended for everyone, especially lovers of appropriate and sleek design laptop. With ASUS laptop, you are assured the best working experience regardless of your age or gender.

This is a fanless laptop, which therefore does not inconvenience users, as you can conveniently and place this laptop on smooth surfaces without worrying about the fan. It gives the best and most efficient performance, and can be used easily for both work purposes and entertainment purposes. This is possible because the laptop is extremely fast and therefore should be considered by everyone. Comes with the latest Windows, this is made in Windows 10, and can be easily upgraded to the best Window, therefore a great purchase. The battery life of laptop is paramount to potential users, this is why a majority of people often look out to get laptop with the best battery. ASUS thin and light laptop is made with a standard lithium-ion batteries, and this has 3 times the capacity of every regular laptop battery.

With this, you are guaranteed 12 hours battery life, and the charger of this ASUS light and thin laptop is designed with fast charging technology. It enables your laptop to get charged in no time, and in 49 minutes, you can be certain of having 60% on your laptop. This is a lightweight laptop, and suitable for everyone because most users, even potential users prefer going for lightweight laptop. ASUS thin and light laptop is portable, which enables it to be easily carried around with you. Made with 14 -CM, this is indeed light and comes with Intel Celeron processor designed with HD that ensures topnotch view. The storage capacity of ASUS laptop is 4 GB RAM, and 64 GB eMMC storage, with this, you can safely store documents and files on your laptop.

Comes with Wi-Fi 5, this ensures fast browsing, and keeps you connected to the internet at all times with a great keyboard. The keyboard of ASUS thin and light laptop is sleek, and ensures swift movement of the keys, this is also great feature of this laptop. It comes with Microsoft 365 personal subscription, this last you for a year, and it is a full year of adequate and proper use. This ASUS laptop can be uploaded to 128 GB, so, this is a good purchase, and suitable for everyone of all occupation. The price of this laptop is price-friendly, and this can be ordered online or can be gotten in stores. Therefore, with ASUS laptop L 406 thin and light laptop, which comes in slate grey, this is a nice purchase, and recommended for your comfortable use.

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