Transparent Reusable Adhesive Wall Hooks

Do you normally get angry when you have clutter all over in your house and wonder how you’ll De-clutter? This could be the children’s toys, utensils, bags, umbrellas, or anything weighing less than 13lbs. If nothing is done about it, most of these get damaged by cold floor or by water for houses that have leaking water systems. This is the last thing that you would want on your hard-earned items and appliances. When you think of getting the home organised, boxes, cabinets and drawers come in handy. You don’t know whether this is enough or more storage space is required.

Apart from the nails normally used as hooks, ever heard or seen transparent portable hooks? These hit the nail on the head, that is, they’re the ultimate solution, look no further. You never get enough of these, they’re used everywhere. They’ve perfect and stylish appearance with invisible design giving a decorative look. Stick hard, therefore, easy to use on smooth walls and surfaces no need to nail or drill. Stable and durable because they’re stainless steel, moreover, they’re oil and water proof.

Readily portable and reusable, can carry from one room to another or points within a room. Once pasted, there are no traces left during taking out, and can handle weights up to 13lbs. To attach them, first clean the surface to stick, then peel off the cover on the hooks. Then paste on surface and press it tightly to remove any bubbles. Press the base of the hook to contact steady from middle to edge, and leave for twenty-four hours before hanging objects. Best on surfaces with tiles, marble, bricks, plank, glass, wood, metal or stainless steel.

In the living room they hold curtain strings neatly, more can be used to hold the curtains when drawn in the morning. Clocks stay put on the hooks as well as light chandeliers and house keys. Television, decoder, DVD player, and PC cable wires can be hanged to remove them from the floor. Light vases, portraits, potted plants, a wooden rack with CD players are not an exception. A wreath can be hanged on the front door using these hooks and flowers can be hanged outside for a long period of time. Big teddy bear toys can be placed to bring warmth and serve as attraction points to marvel at.

The kitchen needs to be in order too, hotpots, crockery, cutlery, drying mats, towels, can be positioned here. Timetable for meals can be pinned on the fridge, meat thermometer probes, grill brush and utensil holder. Set the grocery rack too and the dustbin in the cabinet don’t forget lightweight pans. In the bathroom, soaps, shampoos, loofahs, conditioners, shower gels in a rack will be suitable on the hook, another can handle combs, toothbrushes and toothpaste. Children training potties are recommended together with tissue rolls, can be kept on a lower position where the young ones will easily reach in the toilets. In the bedrooms: fairy lights, mosquito nets, curtains can be creatively placed.

Hooks can be placed in the closet, for clothes, handbags and purses; children will benefit for their toys. You can train them on how to stick and take out, to place their things within reach. There’s not enough uses of the hooks, it all depends with your house, place mops and rags to drain water in the pantry. To remove, you can heat it with a hairdryer, and strip slowly from the side. These hooks generally help in organising the house for things to be easily traced, can’t do without them and may recommend these to friends.

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