Tulip Dye Kit Ultimate Summer Bundle – Easy Step to Dye your Clothes

Bored by the usual plain clothes to wear all day and all time, even after looking up for new one to use at the retail shop? An idea to make your design then pops out of the head. But you just don’t know where to start. You have no experience at all in designing your shirt, that you think it will be better if you use wall paint to draw. That’s not stupid, but there is actually a good option for you to make your dyeing journey.

Here, we introduce the Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit Ultimate Summer Bundle, a dye perfect for those who loves to pour what’s on your mind into almost any clothes you want. Never worry that there’s only few colors to use, as the bundle includes high variety of color to mix and match with. Making a polka dot, spiral, checkered, or even a freestyle pattern, all possible to maximize people’s creativity. Show to your friends what you can make using the Tulip Dyeing Kit!

Early start to the product is not a problem too, as we also provided a throughout and easy to understand guide, featuring more than eight tie-dye form to choose out. Decide which style you want to use, and master them to give birth to a masterpiece. But don’t let it stop at one person, share the knowledge to your friends, so many dye painted clothes will be created.

Unlike some other products, it is not obligated to presoak the fabric you’re going to dye in soda ash. We remove the inconvenient preparation for user to maximize enjoyment in the dyeing process!. And don’t worry about the fading color after you finished the work and want to wash them, the dyes are safe to wash in the machine. Colors will also stay bright and bold even after undergo a repeated washing.

Wait, there’s actually more to the bundle. You won’t get ten, or twenty bottles, but will get 30 bottles that includes tie-dye supplies to create up to 90 projects to do. People can start painting not only on your plain shirt at the wardrobe. Tote bags, shoes, pants, beanies, and any possible clothes that you name it. They say a great product came out weird and out of our mind at first, just be authentic and let your mind go wild.

Good product is a safe product, that’s why Tulip Dyeing Kit has a non-toxic, highly concentrated dyes in each bottle. All you need to do is to mix it with water to begin. Give your nephew or kids the opportunity to be creative and do not worry about corrosive substance to damage their skin. All safe for everyone to play around together the kids on the summer camp or class project.

What are you waiting for then? Using all the facilities provided in this kit, enlighten your day by having colorful activities along with friends, partner, or colleague. Simple and fun are what we hope to happen to customers. Get one kit now, plan the design, choose which clothes to use, and start your dyeing adventure!

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