Tweaking the Classic Battleship Board Game with Planes: A Review

Military board games inspire kids to grow with love and passion to protect and serve his or her country. With the excitement to defeat enemies through formulating battle strategies and planning, there’s no board game like the Battleship. The board game is the iconic strategy match incorporating rivalry, technique, and action. Players hunt for the enemy’s ships in one-on-one combat and defeat them one after the other.

Battleship is the game believed to get its roots in French play L’Attaque enjoyed by soldiers and even Russian ranking officials during World War I. Records to say though that comparison was drawn to E. I. Horsman’s game Basilinda in 1890. Various marketing versions were the Salvo game released in 1931, Combat: The Battleship Game by the Strathmore Company, and other games created by Milton Bradley and Maurice Freedman.

The naval warfare game was first played utilizing pegs and boards with the version launched by Milton Bradley in 1967. In 1977, Bradley also introduced an Electronic Battleship, and in 1989, the Talking electronic game was marketed. The recent decade updates the board game’s version which resorted to six-cornered shape tiles featuring each participant having many islands where the captured peg is affixed. In 2012, an American fiction movie, Battleship, increased the popularity of the board game and inspired new releases and versions.

One of the largest toy-making company, Hasbro and under its brand, Hasbro Gaming released its version of the classic naval game with a twist. This new Battleship game includes reinforcements of planes for a more fun air fighting. Supporters of the battleship franchise will wreck enemy ships and destroy opponent’s airplanes in order to clinch victory, which makes this new tactical game much exciting and mind-blowing.

Once ordered, you’ll receive the complete game box with a 7,4 by 26,7 by 26,7-centimeter dimension. The item, weighing 0,8 kilogram, can be delivered anywhere in the United States. Kids of seven years old and above can play this naval war board game. It includes two portable ships, two naval plastic vessels, two planes, and two peg containers with 84 red hit pegs and 168 white miss pegs.

The rules of the game are simple, that is to defeat the enemy by crashing the aircraft and sinking the vessels. Build your planning skills to take control of your own fleet and destroy your opponents. Aim to search and conquer your enemy’s air and naval forces before he destroys yours. Whoever stands at the end of the battle wins and conquers the war. You plan and send out warships to achieve a specific objective, and you have to prevent your competitor from doing the exact goal on you. Each player takes a turn in calling out the coordinates of the opponent, which is its way of sending the missile to the enemy. When it corresponds to the location of the opposite ship, then the grid is affixed with a red peg, while if it is missed, then a white peg is placed.

In the beginning, after preparing and executing your game plan, the play usually depends on luck. When you launch an attack on the open seas you could feel the genuine adrenaline of the campaign. As you throw guesses to hit or miss your rival, you can argue that there’s no tactic used at this stage. However, as the game continues and more pegs are placed, you begin to use your military-like strategy to locate the enemy’s ships and planes. This enhances your tactical skills and it will be a chess match from this point on.

Final Take

The overall assessment of this half-a-century combat-tested naval warfare board game is solid and entertaining. Hasbro’s Battleship is the simulation match you’ve often embraced and recognized, except with the small change of a couple of aircraft addition. To those who love tactical strategies, this Battleship With Planes Strategy Board Game is your perfect ammunition to hit you every target of fun and knowledgeable recreation.

For parents looking for a board game that stimulates the brain nerves of their children, then the new Battleship with Planes set should be one to consider. This will hone tactical skills, planning and quick thinking of the growing kids. Also, this could instill patriotism in every child’s heart by somehow giving them an idea of the navy world, defenders of the open sea.

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