United States of Socialism: Who’s Behind It. Why It’s Evil. How to Stop It

Dinesh D’Souza is a writer and scholar of the Indian origin. He came to America at the age of 17 and thereafter graduated from Dartmouth College. Dinesh does not only write but as a public figure, he makes films as well. His great passion in writing is evident in his recent book named “United States of Socialism” which he published in June 2, 2020. Affectations and dramatics are not his line of thought but he concentrates on stories that are rather informative. You would probably arrive at a solid decision if you read through this book that comes with over 300 pages.

The story revolves around socialism in the United States, a move that terribly collapsed before. Its resurrection is evident in the 21st century though you may wonder why since it failed before. It all happens thanks to the goodwill of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, Ilhan Omar and Elizabeth Warren. Their approach however differs from that of Lenin as well as Mao and Castro. Evidently, this is identity socialism, a blend of classic socialism and identity politics. As a historian you deserve this book without a second thought.

Socialism was practiced in the countries of Germany, Russia and a few other countries. According to D’Souza, America’s socialist is a transgender militant and a Black Lives Matter unionist. Such are the activists that model themselves to the tune of Scandinavian countries like Norway and Sweden due to their positive results. Irrespective of the successes of socialism in India and China, he goes on to affirm America against it and points its drawbacks such as FDR’s and Social Security plan. You may find this product for you and your loved ones including children since its content has no restrictions.

In his writings, D’Souza clearly shows how the working class is abandoned by socialism. This results in socialism basing on sexual orientation, race and gender. As a new form of socialism, it attracts vices including lawlessness, crime and adopts authoritarian activities. The story goes on to suggest capitalism for American lives with the current president cited as the best capitalist. United States of Socialism puts president Trump the best example and an effective battler to socialism. Through his professionalism, D’Souza brings out a clear picture of a world engulfed by the menace of socialism.

The overwhelming writer goes on to contrast Trump and Obama and judges that as much as they are similar, their representations suffer some differences. D’Souza’s advise is that with the help of the citizens, Trump would eliminate the menace and in the best way possible. He offers his advice which is quoted herewith, “…we need a new generation of leaders who can assimilate the things that the current president does so effectively, fearlessly and gleefully. Trump has made it fun to beat the hell out of leftist and socialist and even when Trump is gone, we must continue to enjoy the Trumpian experience of being a butt-kicking Republican, Christian, right-wing, American capitalist. “

With the much discounted rates, get the thought Dinesh has for you and you will acknowledge his writings. This book will definitely inspire you and your future generations. Sink deep in to this captivating story and you won’t pop up the same. United States of Socialism is the book you need it you intend to change the world.

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