VAVA Cam Pro, wireless home camera

VAVA is a company that deals with technology and offers high-quality cameras and projectors. The company aims at developing a smart life with the new technology to ensure people live a lavish lifestyle full of privacy. It was established in 2015 and received its 1st red Dot Award in 2016. The VAVA camera is a new product in the market designed for security purpose. VAVA camera pro is a wireless camera designed for both indoor and outdoor security.

The camera has super vision enabled by its 1080P feature, providing full HD-resolution. Captures clear images and provides enough storage space for the videos taken. It can be placed inside or outside your compound for it can withstand the sun and rain when placed outside your compound. VAVA home camera can also be used at night, the 7 m IR night vision mode makes this possible. Detects movement during the late hours and contains an alarm that alerts you anytime your house has been invaded.

This alarm is set using a home camera app for you to monitor everything at your home while at work or away from home. The product is suitable for home securities and operates like bank encryption when dealing with video footage. This camera is rechargeable and contains an in-built battery of 50mAh that last for 3 months. The IP66 waterproof housing enables the camera withstand rain for it to operate during the rainy season. You can share home footage through your dedicated home application to monitor daily activities in your home.

Easy to use for you get free access to all recorded video footage, connection is not necessary you only need to place it at a certain location and view every Corner of your house. This product is highly recommended to government officials, security agents and any person who needs security at their home. Most government officials have enemies, who may want to harm their family and to guard them, this product is important. The camera is used when you lack trust in the people you are living with, these may include your security officer or house help. If you have doubts about these people, the best way to clear your uncertainties is by placing the VAVA home camera in your house. Monitoring their daily moves will clear or confirm your suspicion and take the necessary action against them.

Purchase the product immediately it is released in the market and provide your family with security. Save the money used to hire security officer and install this VAVA home camera. Provides an opportunity for you to monitor your house from whichever place you are through the home application camera. Alerts you anytime there is danger in your household. Keeps you prepared to take the right precautions for example, if there are thieves in your home, you can alert police officers early enough for them to be arrested.

Get high-quality video with clear vision by purchasing this wireless security camera. Install the camera anywhere you need because its wireless feature enables it fit anywhere. Can be placed by the door or wall inside your livingroom, bedroom or dining area. Place it in the backyard and monitor things around your home compound. It contains a wider field of view giving you a full size of every corner your home. Provide your household members with security 24/7 to enable them live a comfortable life without the fear of being attacked or getting kidnapped from their home.

Embrace the new change brought by VAVA technology through their wireless home camera to live a happy and smart life. Protect the life of your loved ones by purchasing this camera. Catch all thieves and people who have bad intentions for your family through this secretive camera. It has a small size making it difficult for people to notice you installed them in your home.

Transform your lifestyle by upgrading to this new VAVA wireless home camera and live a smart life. Get protected and connected to your home on the wireless home camera. A suitable item that caters for your consumer needs of privacy and safety all the time. VAVA is known to produce high-quality products and fulfilling customer’s expectations. Experience smart life with the VAVA wireless home camera installed at the exact place of your choice.

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