ASUS VG258QR 24.5” Gaming Monitor, 1080P Full HD, 165Hz (Supports 144Hz), G-SYNC Compatible, 0.5ms, Extreme Low Motion Blur

Everybody needs a great monitor for gaming; a graphics terminal that runs smoothly without any delay in refreshing rate. ASUS VG258QR with its 24 inches (60, 96cm) screen makes gaming even easier. You will not need to waste a lot of your time setting the display because this monitor comes with 144 Hz which is ideal for smooth and fast gaming. Bear in mind that this monitor doesn’t only work for gaming; you can use it along with many other devices as well. Why do people prefer this ASUS VG258QR gaming monitor over many others?

ASUS VG258QR is a new generation monitor with 144Hz, that allows every lover of gaming to experience a great time on video games. It allows online games, as well as offline games, play smoothly; that is something important every gamer looks for. 144 Hz gives a rapid refresh rate if compared to 60 Hz of LCD which presents extensive motion blur on screens. This ASUS monitor provides its users with a better experience and much more on its 144 Hz LED full HD.

LED technology is a recent one, and it allows you to say goodbye to blur shows seen on the LCD and previous technologies. You don’t want to be left behind; it is, therefore, essential that you upgrade to this recent LED technology. It enhances your gaming experience; it makes it look sharp and real on a wide 24 inches (60, 96cm) interface. This monitor operates on 1080P (1920 x 1080) full HD and 1ms (GTG) response time for the 144Hz rapid refresh. It will always keep you accompany when everything else is boring and time seems endless. You will not let go until you reach the point of victory and receive the medal to your honor.

With this monitor, you will enjoy Splendid Video Intelligence Technology for quality and faithful video quality. You can easily readjust the interface color to your taste; this doesn’t require any technical skill. All you need to do is to skip through the different preset settings (Scenery, Theater, Game, Night View, Standard, and sRGB), and there you go! You can readjust the sound system to be perfect for the type of game you choose to play. The monitor comes with an inbuilt 2W Stereo speakers; so, you won’t need necessarily to buy an additional sound system. You can also use the earphone jack on the monitor’s back for your headset; it gives an amazing live experience.

This monitor is ergonomically designed with an adjustable screen to meet your desire. You can increase and decrease the height from the stand; you can pivot, swivel, and tilt the screen to your preferred positioning and angle’s view. It can be positioned in the portrait format, which permits a bigger display for some types of games. ASUS VG258QR has wall mounting capability enabling ultimate viewing comfort from the wall.

Technology from ASUS is one of the leading modern technologies and bestsellers in the world today. They produce quality products respecting global standards at an affordable price, and they come with a warranty. This ASUS VG258QR can be purchased at an affordable price in stores and online shops.

There are some features attached to this monitor that simplify the way you can connect with other input and output devices. ASUS VG258QR has a DisplayPort, earphone Jack, dual-link DVI D, PC Audio Line in, and HDMI ports for multi-device connectivity. Apart from gaming, this monitor can be used as a second or extended screen for your computer. It can also be used for movies and quick presentations by professional workers.

Altogether, ASUS monitor is a pride to everybody who enjoys playing games; it offers a great gaming experience on a 24 inches (60, 96cm) full HD. With its 144 Hz and 1ms (GTG) response time, it’s impossible to witness blur display on your interface. ASUS VG258QR comes with various features and ports for input and output devices such as DisplayPort, earphone Jack, dual link DVI D, PC Audio Line in, and HDMI ports for multi-device connectivity. You can as well buy this monitor for other purposes, be it for your computer or other video devices for ultra-smooth video experience. ASUS VG258QR is a can be readjusted to portrait format, which is a deal for some gaming and data entry jobs.

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