Why Manolo Sierra Revealed Things In The Bible

Manolo Sierra is the name of the author that wrote “Escatología Bíblica: Descubriendo lo oculto en lo revelado (Spanish Edition)”. He was inspired to write this book by the online classes that he has had on his YouTube channel. The inspiration that this book is borne from is grounded in the need to reveal what is hidden in the Bible. Manolo Sierra is a pastor and writing a Book like this is his life’s work. The author is Spanish and as a result wrote it in Spanish language.

This Pastor had his Christian Bible commentary book published on May 10, 2020. The literal translation of his book title to English is Biblical Eschatology: Discovering the hidden in the revealed. As the title suggests, the book is about the author’s knowledge of what is hidden in the Bible. The work is written to reveal things that are silent. Pastor Manolo Sierra did his best to reveal what he discovered in his work.

Escatología Bíblica: Descubriendo lo oculto en lo revelado (Spanish Edition) has 195 paperback pages. Pastor Manolo’s book weighs 11 ounces while ISBN is 13979-8644753222. The front cover is perfectly designed to arrest attention for merely looking at it. It is boldly written “Escatología Bíblica” at the center of the page in bright yellow ink. Under it has the “Descubriendo lo oculto en lo revelado” close to the faded image of a man blowing a trumpet. Again at the center is the globe with tongues of fire on it.

Above it is faded crowd in motion and author’s name written in white on the center. The back cover is a picture of the author with the wife. About the airport and the work synopsis is at the back written in Spanish. This book by Pastor Manolo is # 1 Best Seller in Christian commentaries. Therein, you will find nine chapters on the book of Revelation with topics like “The Seven Churches”, “The Two Witnesses”, or “The Millennium”.

Subsequently, there are numerous persons that would use this book that contains biblical discoveries. Doctors of several Churches, Pastors of ministries and Christans especially God lovers fund this book useful. The work would be wanted by Christians, religious, lovers of God and Church librarians. They would want to exploit the knowledge about the Bible that has been discovered.

Obviously, the work is a bank of untapped biblical facts that is hidden until this work. This commentary would be useful because of its riches religious facts. There are so many reasons why this piece is important and useful to Christans. It may be because it discusses about His and His Kingdom or His promises of blessings. Its usefulness is that, it serves as a route to know God more.

There is no product, item or service worth purchasing than this beautiful art. When you purchase this work, it will help you in your Christian life and teach you Apocalypse. If you are just starting out in the world of Bible study or are already an expert, in this piece, you will discover easy explanations that will take you out of doubt and will surprise you.

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