Why you need to purchase the new Lenovo Smart tab m10 plus

Lenovo is a global Chinese company known extensively for their electrical products, mobile phones and other types of devices. They have evolved since 1984 when the company was created, although initially under a different name. The company is among the leading smartphone manufacturers in the world with multiple branches in over sixty countries. Lenovo has released numerous tablets under three major product families: Ideal Pad, legion and Think Pad. Its tablets are broken down into Android and Windows and there are many other divisions depending upon your needs, likes and preferences.

The Lenovo Smart Tab M10 Plus with Android 9 pie operating system is a new Tablet manufactured by the company. It comes as an improved version of the Smart Tab M10 that was released early last year. Its release has been scheduled for the 25th of May 2020. However, it is on offer for pre-order on selected websites and stores online. The device boasts many new features like 2.3GHz octa-core processor, 10’’ full high definition (FHD) display screen, Google assistant and 32 GB storage just to mention a few.

Outer specifications of the tablet include a 10’’ HD display screen with narrow bezel, double-sided speakers, this ensures you enjoy a highly pleasant cinematic experience when watching movies, music or playing games. The inbuilt speakers come with the Dolby Atmos technology which enhances the sound of whatever you are watching. Front camera is 5 Megapixels while the back camera is 8 Megapixels. The sides are thin and the entire tab weighs 1500 grams which is light in weight. Battery is an engrained 5000mAh which lasts up to 9 hours and is made from Lithium ion.

Internal characteristics includes a 2, 3GHz octa-processor that ensures faster processing rates for specific tasks. It includes a 2 GB RAM, expandable SD card slot, 4G LTE, eye protection feature, facial recognition especially for those who prefer such to finger printing among others. Who needs this: Amazing fact is that the tablet is a great device for everyone. The sum of its features makes it suitable for use in playing online games, watching videos, playing music, working online, listening to the radio or simply surfing the net.

Who would use this? With a one of kind Kid’s mode feature, the Smart Tab M10 Plus can be used but by adults and kids alike. On this mode, only specific contents which are suitable for kids would be allowed to run. This can be managed by parents or guardian through the advanced menu settings on the tablets. Whitelisted websites, allowed apps and time duration/limits can all be configured via the settings.

Why it is useful? Lenovo added several new software that makes this particular product exceptional from its forerunner. New software and features such as:

Google Assistant ambient mode: the Google assistant ambient mode was launched December last year. It enables you access all your Google applications without unlocking your smartphone. Ambient mode can be unlocked via your mobile phone settings, with this you have immediate access to your Google photos, notifications, calendar and all. To preserve battery life, this only works when your device is charging or plugged to a power source.

Portable smart charging station: the phone comes with a portable artificial intelligent charger that allows you dock your phone for a no hands media session. With this you can also issue commands from any distance in the room. The tab also offers dual microphones and voice recognition no matter your location, subsequently it offers a 2in1 charging and media hub combination. Bumpy Environment alert: In the event that a user is in a ride of sorts, it detects this and tells the user to stop using the device.

Posture alert: On the improved and advanced Kid’s mode, it senses when your kid exhibits poor posture while watching content or playing games. This helps promote healthy posture and proper tablet use for your kids. Multiple accounts: In comparison to the prior M10 Tab, this one allows multiple users to be configured. For each user accounts, specifications can be tailored to suit the users’ needs and likes. Why is it a good purchase? Overall the Smart Tab M10 plus is a great device with the exceptional features it offers and the price at which it is purchased.

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