Why You Should Buy the All New Ring Stick up Cam Battery with Echo Dot (Charcoal)

Many homes would prefer watch person or dogs guard their houses from any form of danger. This is good but why waste your finances on paying guards, feeding dogs, and purchasing of deadlocks and window locks that cannot be too reliable. Your safety is paramount in other to protect the lives of you and your family. Getting a good security cam is not easy as well as getting the one of high quality.

Therefore, if you want to purchase a quality security cam for your home, indoor or outdoor, there is one for you. The dynamic All new Ring Stick Up- Cam Battery with Echo Dot (Charcoal) with ASIN; BO7ZZ42F17 and UNSPSC Code; 4617Q616, an HD CCTV with motion notifications and two-way talk. Ring Stick-Up Cam is the kind of camera that can handle what you need such as affordability, night vision, quality video, two-way communication. This is very portable, with wire free design and movement detection in which could be adjusted for it not to alert you on false movement. The speakers will alert you of every movement within your home and allows it allows conversations whereby you can watch live videos on your phone.

Included in this bundle is the Ring Stick Up Cam and Echo Dot (3rd Gen) which is 2″ × 2″ × 4″ (60mm × 60mm × 97mm). This is different from others due to its distinct features and specifications. Ring Cam could be placed anywhere and everywhere, it could be on any surface. On a table close to the entrance of your home or it could be drilled into the wall of your home. The device comes with the necessary hardware you need to install it.

Alexa can be linked to your Ring Cam, this will help in talking to visitors through the Echo Dot, this way it involved not using hands for home monitoring. The Ring Stick Up Cam will help you in seeing, hearing and speaking to visitors from various devices like your phones or personal computer. It has 1080p HD video, with the video quality clear including at night, with a 130 degree diagonal, 110 degree horizontal and 57 degree vertical fields of view.

All new Cam has privacy features where you can set up privacy zones in areas where you do not want it to monitor. If you have more than one Ring device, you can set up an automation by pairing them together. The Ring app gives the chance to double check the motion activity where it is stationed to detect a false alert before informing you. This device has three means of powering which is through running on battery power, when plugged into a socket, and with the Ring Solar panel.

The Ring Cam is cheap and has a thirty day trial free with the Ring video recording service. This uploads and saves all the video clips your camera takes in the cloud for a month. After this 30-day trial period, the service becomes cheaper.

Ring Cam set up is easy, within five (5) to ten (10) minutes the camera is installed. You just need to download the Ring app and create an account. Then you select, “set up a device” on the home screen and pick “security cams”. Your Ring Stick Up Cam has a OR code on the camera and the device manual sheet that comes in the box. The Ring app will help you know every step including, asking where the cam should be installed, inside or outside, what you would name the cam and if it would be powered with a battery or adapter.

Furthermore, the application helps you through the setting up of your new CCTV, from a GIF displaying how to twist off the camera to inserting the battery that comes with it, and also showing you through connecting the cam to you. Then you will be able to fully charge the battery in which a USB charging cable is included, after this the battery is installed and ready for use.

The Ring Stick Up Cam is a good choice for a reliable, durable and sophisticated indoor or outdoor CCTV at an affordable price. This would be a great addition to your current Ring system, or a good way to enter into the Ring’s system of products.

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