Windows 10 Home 64 bit OEM DVD

The type of computer operating system that you choose to run on your device determines a lot of things. Some operating systems are faster than others while others are custom made for particular tasks such that using them for other tasks would see them fail terribly. Windows are generally user-friendly brands because they do not require technical skills, or IT training to use unlike other brands like UNIX and Linux.

Having Windows 10 Home 64bit EOM DVD in your arsenal is a real boost to your overall performance in computer usage. The product is relatively new to the market, easy to understand how the OS works, and packs a variety of features for daily use. This OS has a 32-bit alternative that is useful to people using old hardware or those having less access memory. Start-up time for this OS has improved because it initializes almost immediately after a machine is powered up.

This OS is suitable for all audiences since it can be installed in a wider range of devices compared to the previous versions of Windows. The reason for this is that it doesn’t demand high-end device specifications to be installed. Windows 10 Home comes with a built-in browser to cater for your internet and entertainment needs. It has an easy layout that makes it feel familiar to other Windows users. If your hardware offers less processing power and you’d like to enjoy seamless computer usage, then this is your goto.

As for memory requirements, this OS needs a minimum of 2 GB of RAM to run all background and active processes without lagging. Nothing annoys people like a machine that is constantly slowing down or spamming your screen with messages of failed, or terminated events. Hard Disks are expensive in some areas, but this OS is convenient for such situations. Only a minimum of 20 GB storage space is needed to keep the system and its components running.

Some libraries are essential for the functionality of different kinds of software and games. This is the reason Windows 10 Home supports DirectX 9 that contains links to the important libraries. The resolution supported here is 800*600, which is good enough for performing simple operations. Simplicity always carries the day in most situations and for that reason, the W10 has clear lists and readable window titles to make it easy for people of all ages to get in line.

Microsoft Edge browser takes your browsing experience to a whole new level. You can navigate the web at breakneck speeds without worrying about lags in the loading of pages or having webpages that do not fit well on your browser window. This browser gives personalized suggestions that are based on the things you regularly search for on the internet. Cortana, a personal digital assistant assigned to Windows users, is installed to offer solutions to any technical problems you may come across. Artificial Intelligence enables the PDA to search the whole internet for possible answers to any questions that you might ask.

Windows 10 Home also comes with many apps already installed to help users perform simple functions like reading emails, watching movies, reading electronic books, and listening to their favorite music. The Windows 10 Home is a good purchase and it makes people feel that the value of their money is met.

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