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ASUS PB277Q 27″ Eye Care Monitor is a 27 inches wide computer monitor with WQHD (Wide Quad High-Definition) resolution that shows images with 2569×1440 pixels. The monitor is designed with a refresh rate of 75 hertz, and is equipped with HDMI, DVI and VGA ports. This monitor is one of the latest gadgets that was produced by ASUS, featuring great and latest packages for customers. Overtime, ASUS has been known to manufacture quality and durable electronic devices across the globe. Some features of this device would be described for you to understand what the product can offer you.

The first feature that this gadget would give you is WQHD (wide Quad High-Definition) videos or pictures. This latest resolution shows images of 2569×1440 pixels which is the upgraded version of the common FHD (Full High-Definition) resolution that display images in 1920×1080 pixels. It means that WQHD monitors will show sharper images and videos that are twice brighter than the FHD monitors. With your ASUS PB277Q, you can view crispy and crystal videos and pictures. The higher the resolution of a video or image, the brighter and clearer the video becomes, this product delivers one of the highest resolution display that is in the electronic market today.

Another exciting feature of this appliance is the eye care or eye protective technology that it offers to you. It is important to keep your eyes strong and healthy while working on a screen. Working with your PC for some hours can cause damage to your eyes leading to poor vision. The blue rays from the screen of a computer can destroy the lens of your eyes and leave you with poor vision. In order to solve this problem, the latest ASUS PB277Q has eye care control that gives you ultra-low blue light which helps you to work with the PC for hours without stressing your eyes.

This system offers you refresh rate of 75 hertz frequency, an advantage over monitors that has 60 hertz frequency. Refresh rate is the number of times in a second that the images on your screen refresh. Higher refresh rate produces smoother videos, meaning that you can watch your videos, move your cursors without stuttering or slow movement of the video or cursor. You may notice slow or draggy movement of your mouse cursor with systems that have 30 hertz low rate. With the 75hz of this ASUS product, you are guaranteed of smooth and fast running games, applications and pictures.

You are guaranteed of standard definition interface with the HDMI port that comes with the product. There is HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) port at the side of the system that allows you to connect and transmit video in standard quality. This port produces video and sound quality that is better than pictures produced by the AV (Audio Visual) connectors. There are additional ports of VGA and DVI that allows you to connect your system to another system for pictures transmission. If you need to view your movies and games in the best quality, this ASUS PB277Q is recommended for you.

One of the unique attributes of this electronic system is the tilting stand, that allows you to adjust and move the screen to the position of your choice. You can rotate it to different positions to aid the best view for you. The screen size is about 69 cm long, this is a perfect size for you to view and enjoy your movies, sports and games. This size will allow you to work harder and longer without stressing your eyes. If you like working and playing games on big size screens, this product will offer you that moment.

There is a need to work with the latest versions of computer monitors because of the features that they offer you. ASUS has produced recent versions of monitors of which this appliance is one of them. It will offer you WQHD quality which gives you the best picture for your game and movie. The HDMI interface gives you good picture transmission, which gives you moment of joy while viewing your movie. These attributes are offered at a cheap price, the price is about 258 dollars, this is a good price considering the attributes it offers. If you love playing games, watching movies and working with the best image output, this ASUS PC monitor will be a good choice for you.

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