Review about the Concrete Jungle: A Green Beret’s guide to Urban Survival authored by Clay Martin

How do you survive in an urban environment that is strange from the rural or countryside setups? Let us call this urban environment a name like the urban concrete jungle. This brings us to this book which is entitled the Concrete Jungle: A Green Beret’s guide to Urban Survival authored by Clay Martin. The book was written by a retired Special Forces soldier who is on a mission to teach you how to survive the concrete jungle. It is a good book for all those soldiers who have returned home from work and do crave for nice advice on how to survive in their new urban habitat.

This book will present different kinds of tactics the reader may employ to benefit themselves without hurting others. The concrete jungle book has good guidelines on how to lay in supplies and making your apartments to be siege proof. This is a great way to survive in the city for such measurements require to be put in place for you to be always ready. You will like how he has explained easily facts that are essential for urban survival that you may not be aware of hence giving you an advantage over others when it comes to the security of yourself, loved ones and properties.

The author of the book worked as an instructor for Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat skills which makes him to be the best option for advice concerning the matter he has written about. Sections of his book are written in an easy to understand language for all readers who will be interested in reading it. These sections are explained nicely giving the reader a deeper insight into the specifics and dynamics of urban survival. This book offers vast knowledge that has been attained by the author who practically was an active participant in it.

Life in urban environment and habitats might be strange to veteran soldiers who lived fighting in jungles, forests and deserts. This is a great way to guide veterans how to cope and adapt to their new urban habitat that is different from the normal jungle lifestyle. Readers will resonate with the details contained within this book that will be beneficial to them. The basic skills required to be employed by veterans is also addressed by the book in an attempt to disclose to them on how to adapt quickly to this new type of environment.

To wrap up, those interested in reading this book should expect to be taught, educated and encouraged with the best guidance from Clay Martin. His book is a must-read submission that can be read in a single sitting. Skills that were highlighted in this book will open up your eyes and mind to understand how to maneuver various obstacles presented before you in urban environments. Schools and teaching instructions can use this book for scholarly purposes that will effectively help those learners in the future. To those who desire to purchase the book, they can buy it for $9 and await for it to shipped to them.

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