Review on The Imposter: How Republican Quit Governing and Seized American Politics authored by Steve Benen

Do you have an interest in reading books that extensively speak about power and dynamics of politics in the USA? Would you like to understand how did President Donald Trump succeed in seizing power in 2016 from Retired President Barack Obama? The best book to read for you to uncover this secret would be “The Imposter: How Republican Quit Governing and Seized American Politics authored by Steve Benen. This is the most amazing book ever written that contains many details about the republicans and the democrats in the USA. The writer of the Imposter will show the reader various dynamics that have changed in political and their results in shaping the USA.

Steve Benen begins by walking the reader through the history of American politics for the both republicans and democrats party politics during the Obama’s administration. Then you’ll be shown how GOP planned to stop governing with a perfect strategy to seize power in 2016 elections. You will be shown how the party was focused in the conquest to rule and forgot performing their policy making roles. This is a wonderful researched piece of work that will be an educative, eye opening and informative submission to any reader who shall read it. The Imposter will present the deeper insights into the specifics of the GOP and how they succeeded in seizing control.

This book will speak extensively about the democrats in Obama’s era, then show the readers on how republicans evolved in unique ways to get ready to seize authority after the tenure of serving by Obama. Trump strategies are shown in clear way and how the party he was representing choose him to be their flag bearer. This wonderful story will depict a good summary of the 8-year democrats era with clear details of their choices that provided weaknesses for the opponent to use against them.

The republicans are shown as imposters who have a sole purpose for capturing the essence of power and never letting go. They are depicted as those who aren’t interested in problem solving but to only be and maintain their grip in power like a leech. Steve shows them as those who deviated from policymaking roles to solely interested in acquiring authority at all costs. They no longer perform their duties as expected for they value attaining powerful we in the USA ruling arena. Readers will be informed on reasons why the Grand Old Party (GOP) is no longer a group of ideas for they have lost their direction.

In addition, the Imposter depicts in an excellent manner how the GOP is winning in pushing the USA to a breaking point in politics. The Imposter will present different kinds of winning ways used in the pursuit for authority and the success that has been attained. This book is a wonderful piece to read when you require to understand the dynamics of politics. The best way to find why voters were electing leaders like Mike Pence was explained well in a manner to show their agenda.

Other dynamics shown clearly are forged coalitions that are used to create and achieve goals depending on the goals desired to be attained. Factors like compromising to address the specific problems faced by voters is explained well hence showing how the party has become an imposter. The reader will be informed how the republican system is failing to comply in serving the public’s interests. Violation of basic principles for the democracy of the people is depicted by this nice book. It will show the reader how the system is collapsing in its era of ruling the country for it does not care about the scrutiny ans implementation of policies.

To summarize, the best way to get good details about both Trump’s and Obama’s era will be by reading this submission. Readers will find a perfect explained ways in which to choose to pursue control in government. It shall teach, educate and inform the those reading on political issues that are essential for making laws. This book is a good evaluation of strategies used by republicans to control and how they will fail due to lack of good direction to benefit all the citizens of the USA. The book is availed in various formats hence you can read it on Kindle or hardcover edition.

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