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Coronavirus disease pandemic has hit the world and forced it into a shutdown which has caused staying indoors for unspecified duration. Time can pass without us realizing as we are busy watching movies. It is as we have suddenly got time to do the things we never had time for before. Catching up with television series and getting enough sleep for those who hardly got the time due to having two or three part-time jobs to do. Learning new cooking methods or a new language could be another option to do in this free time that has been granted to the whole world to fight the pandemic.

The pandemic has also come with a disadvantage of interrupting many plans. Some people wanted to graduate and start working but it isn’t possible. Others wanted to get married and enjoy their honeymoon in Paris which has now become a dangerous place to go. For you to compensate for the programs that have been interrupted, a planner book is essential. Students are the most who have been affected by this lock down as all the learning institutions have been closed. To lose track of time is possible in this current current shutdown as eat, watch sleep seems to be only routine. An academic planner will be will of help you which is the 2020-2021 Academic Weekly and Monthly Planner


The academic planner comes with all the dates of the year from July 2020 to June 2021. All the days have been arranged in a smart way that will impress your eyes. Holidays have been highlighted to allow you to make plans on how to spend them. Contacts have special places for recording them in case you will need them. Pages have been left solely for recording your important contacts making them organized.

Features like this are what makes people to like buying such books. Having all those arranged well will make you to appreciate the 2020-2021 Academic planner.


People have universally agreed that flowers add beauty to their surroundings. Put flowers in an empty room and you will see the change it will cause. 2020-2021 Academic planner cover has used this concept well in its manufacture. Decorated with a floral painting, it will surely make you to leave without buying it. Color of the planner has also got its share of cuteness as it is tea- colored. Imagine the combination of that color with a floral painting cover. Each page has that color in the background which promotes its overall attractiveness.


Thickness of each page is of desirable as it provides protection by preventing easy leakage. This helps in making it durable and preserving the contents of the book. Creativity was also added to the book in that it has a section for putting quotes and important documents covered with the bands. Hard cover was used to finish up the design of the book giving it a fantastic look. Supportive material has been added to the planner as bands. Bands separate each page the other as you can put it there to stop making you uncomfortable while writing in the planner. They are also found in the back of the planner to support the cover.


Bulky books can be stressful to carry around as they put a strain on our muscles. They also fill up our spaces for putting or carrying other things and this can be inconveniencing. 2020-2021 Academic Weekly and Monthly Planner is light in weight and nice in appearance. Carry it with you without it eating up your space and straining you. Coupled with a back cover, it will complete all the factors that are needed to get the book planner of choice.

Finally, plan all you everyday activities because planned things can be easily performed than unplanned ones. Put down your wishes, so that you focus on how to achieve them. Goal-setting is required for you to reach any staircase of success even if your goals are as far away as the stars. Divide it into smaller bits so as not to make you bored easily and lose your enthusiasm. Successful plans have all begun with putting words into writing that became action. Organize all your life goals and daily targets by buying the 2020-2021 Academic Weekly and Monthly planner which has simplified your requirements.

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