Fair Warning by Michael Connelly

Fair warning is a breathtaking book with unique characters and a sterning well-made piece of art. The Fair Warning as the name suggest is set based on the current society with new technology employed. This is the book you should be reading during this period the Fair Warning is a page turner and you won’t put the novel down for any reasons. Michael Connelly who is the renowned author behind this beautiful piece that has employed the use of unique style, phrases and eye-catching moments that have been illustrated vividly for the readers. You should consider getting yourself the Fair Warning, those who have tried Micheal Connelly’s series know how perfect they are, and if you haven’t tried them then this is your opportunity to purchase and enjoy the novel.

Arthur Hathaway is a spotlight character who thrives in embezzlement of funds that resembles some leaders who manage big businesses. The role played by Arthur Hathaway is interesting, the author describes and gives you details that are essentially to the behavior of Arthur Hathaway. King of Con Artist, Arthur Hathaway, has no pity for the old and the young steals from any person. Fair Warning gives you a hint of a crime life that was loved by the king of Con Artist who is currently 62 years and has gained experience in the writing industry. Some unique traits possessed by Arthur are lack of guilty and a true psychopath who walks away with 600M dollars from illegal businesses.

Jack McEvoy the good guy who is working with the police department suffers from the acts of the Arthur Hathaway. McEvoy takes the hard task to investigate the death of this beautiful girl who meant more than he had thought. The con artists have studied, and understand the use of technology and they have the potential of getting crucial data of the victims. They can stalk their victims before they employ the siphoning of cash and the after murdering their victims with less trace being left. Fair warning is a book worth of your time, Jack McEvoy a former reporter has a huge task to find the perpetrators operating in the big city of Los Angeles.

This book is actually a page turner, how the secrets get unveiled and the investigation process is perfect. Your instincts and intelligence will be put to rest when start reading the book, Fair warning. Strong plots that feature murder and arson with a unique taste of professional rivalry this is the book you have been waiting for ever since. The sturdy characters have made every plot to be a success with twist of plans, the con artists made a fortune and through that many lives were lost.

Why should you purchase this book, Fair Warning, by Michael Connelly which is rated as one of the best from him? Michael, an award-winning artist New York Times best-selling author and many other personal achievements. Night Fire and Dark Scared some nice novels that he wrote making him a renowned artist and a perfect story-teller.

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