Acer High Performance Spin 11.6inch FHD Multi-Touch Laptop, Intel Pentium N4200 Quad-core Up to 2.5GHz, 4GB RAM, 64GB SSD, WiFi, Bluetooth

Acer is a high performance, multi — touch laptop and has a processing speed of up to 2, 5 GHZ, a 4 GB RAM, hard drive space of 64GB, a wide range WiFi. It can connect easily with Bluetooth, can connect HDMI, it has renewed windows 10 S in home mode and it’s length is 11 inches. This Acer has 2 in — built speakers which are built — in digital microphones, also it has a battery ” 2 cell li – Ion ” which has up to 8 hours battery life. The laptop is Intel Pentium N4200 Quad — Core and has Acer spin 1 notebooks operating systems.

This Acer laptop can be useful to university students as it can help them in most of their school work. It has a high processing speed and is a good feature that can make it be the preference choice for university scholars as they can access files or content online with ease as it loads data faster. The capability of this laptop to be able to access WiFi is an added advantage as scholars can use school WiFi to downloads course projects or even download movies to watch after school. Most of students today prefer to have a laptop that has a high processing speed and a hard drive so that they can store their class projects and movies. The device has a battery that can power the laptop for 8 hours making it the preferred choice for university scholars as they are not required to always charge when away from house. Buying this laptop is a good choice for this students as it is sold at a pocket friendly price and also the buyer can be refunded within 90 days after purchase.

Purchase Acer laptop is a good to students pursing computer courses in colleges and also in universities. Given the type of units that are studied in this courses which largely involve programming and coding this students are required to have a laptop. The Acer laptop has Intel Pentium N4200 Quad — core and has a high processing speed of 2.5 GHZ which makes it a good choice for this students as they can perform their programming work with ease. This device has a 4 GB RAM which makes it to be efficient and to have a high performance and can load data for a long time without failure. Scholars have an opportunity to complete their projects and class work even after power loss because it has a battery that can last up to 8 hours. It is a good decision to purchase this laptop given its features and also because it comes at a cheap price compared to others in the market.

Office workers can have an opportunity to make their work easier having this Acer laptop. This Acer device has high performance can be useful to office workers no matter what type of work they undertake. The device is compatible with accounting work, programming work or general office work that requires a lot of data to be saved. With this Acer laptop an officer work have a reason to arrange files in an appropriate way and most secure way to avoid loss of data. The Acer laptop has a hard drive that has a space of 64 GB which is a large storage space for these workers to store their data and can retrieve it with ease. Buying this laptop can make an office worker enjoy their work as they have an opportunity to organise their work in a systematic way.

People who work at home or those who stay at homes can find the Acer laptop their preferred choice to buy given the features of the laptop. The device is high performance and has a 4 GB RAM that makes it the best choice for this workers. Freelancers spent most of their time working at their homes so they require a laptop that can match their working needs. Having a long battery life of up to 8 hours makes it suitable for freelancers as they can continue with their work even without power. It can be used for entertainment by family at homes as it has a hard disk that can store movies and music for family entertainment needs.

The Acer laptop is not limited to specific people given its features and abilities it can be used by everyone to cater their needs ranging from entertainment or work.

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