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Technology has enormously transformed the world into a comfortable zone by providing simplicity in every human activity. Evidently, we have witnessed the vast use of computerized robots working in production instead of manual operations. Large scale manufacturing of essential commodities has been made entirely easier by this technology. The automotive industry is well known for production of vehicles and other machinery handled by robotic inventions. Gadgets such as phones, television sets, laptops, etc, are part of these advancements we experience in today’s life.

In the pre-historic days of our ancestors, life was less enjoyable considering that all these technologies we have today was not available in those days. Activities such as watching TV, playing video games and browsing were replaced by hunting, modeling, knitting etc. Then it came a time when first generation computers were made. They had neither monitors nor CPUs to be used of which it can be difficult to imagine. Only calculations could be performed on these throwback devices of the 18th century. Progressively, scientists have developed many more devices that have been improved year after another.

Are you a fan of watching TV from your early childhood years of the ’90s? If you are, then you clearly understand the journey technology has trailed in terms of screen or monitor quality. In those early years, monitor displays were extremely heavy, large in size and produced images of poor quality but you still enjoyed your favorite programs. Connectivity was limited and the only thing you could connect to a television was the power supply cable. They were characterized by protruding backs that are considered unfashionable in today’s life. Monitors couldn’t be controlled using remote controls instead, users had to engage themselves manually.

Today, we can look back and be proud of how much technology has brought simplicity to our lives. Monitors and screens of our television sets and computers have advanced to the current quality products we have in the contemporary world. Several companies are responsible for producing monitors of high quality but in recent years, Lepow manufacturers have proven to beat the rest in the market worldwide. The invention of portable monitors has offered the best option when it comes to playing video games, watching TV and working.

Some of the features making Lepow 15 portable monitor a unique gadget for consumers to purchase include :its portability due to the net weight of 1.7lbs. The screen size of 15 inches is just enough for your viewing experience, and, the visual area which is 344.16*194.59 mm will guarantee you all the comfort you need especially in this lock down state.

Lepow portable monitor provides full HD 1080 images without any doubt of failure. The USB C monitor produces astounding 1920*1080 resolution visuals with wonderful color reproduction. You may be asking how safe your eyes are when watching these monitors. To clear this doubt, the IPS screen is equipped with eye protection that keep your eyes from getting tired or straining during prolonged use. This feature presents you from suffering regular eye problems and saves you from unnecessary migraines that result from staring on poor screens.

If you’re a fan of playing video games, then you found yourself a solution to the problem of not accessing a quality screen. Lepow portable monitor offers a platform for playing your favorite games including XBOX, PS3/4, Wii or Nintendo switch. This possible because it comes with a USB C and mini HDMI port that can be connected to your laptops, phones, PCs and other gaming devices. The monitor has built-in speakers that guarantee booming sound quality at your home, and, also an external speaker can be connected using 3mm audio input.

Travelling has never been so easy with this Lepow portable monitor. Carrying heavy gadgets to work or other places, such as laptops, can get cumbersome but these screens give you more breathing space on the desktop to spread files out and use them as intended. It comes with a durable PU leather exterior screen protector that keeps your monitor safe from scratches. The protector can be adjusted to different positions that fit suit activities such as typing, reading or watching.

Monitor package content include :mini HDMI to HDMI cable, type C cable, USB A cable for power supply, screen cover and user guide to direct you on how to use them. The slim 3/10 inch profile is also another fascinating feature making them ideal for work and other users at home. Prices of these monitors range from $185 to $190 and you should consider placing an order today to purchase. You are assured quality without failure and a warranty of 3 years is offered by the Lepow company.

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