A review on Samsung Galaxy A20s

Samsung Galaxy A20s is one of the latest launches by Samsung Tech company. Modification of its previous console Samsung galaxy A20. It is a 6,4'' screen measurements,13 MP 5MP 8MP triple rear camera and 8MP front camera. This makes it slim enough for easier portability and enhanced clarity and zoom feature with the Tripple camera feature. Meaning that the user can easily take pictures of objects far from sight but the clarity quality is of that taken within eyesight.

It is a 4G Long Term

It is a 4G Long Term Evolution( LTE) Octa-Core processor with a 32 GB memory and a 3GB RAM. This increases its processing speed and prevents buffering as it can handle processing multiple tasks at the same time without buffering. A Long Term Evolution(LTE) is a 4G wireless communications standard developed to provide up to 10 times the speed of 3G networks for mobile devices.

These features make this phone the

These features make this phone the best alternative when you need a device with high processing speed at a lower cost. The infinity-V Display feature on the phone provides a wider scope and a wider illusion of the screen size, making it very satisfactory when watching movies and taking fullscreen pictures. Taking group pictures has been made easier with this phone as it allows gesture captures in addition to the timer.

Meaning you can take a group

Meaning you can take a group picture by simply raising your palm to the screen. The camera easily switches to triple rear camera focus when taking group pictures to enhance visibility. This is positive, as it limits the time needed for editing the pictures. Its camera aspect is also embedded with fun filters that make all the pictures fun, interactive and memorable.

A review on Samsung Galaxy A20s

Additionally, the device has an inbuilt fast-charging battery of 400mAh that last for a whole day even with constant browsing. A long-lasting battery is everyone's favourite because you don't have to worry about your phone going off unexpectedly. It takes less than two hours to have a full battery in case hit was drowned out. The phone supports a wide variety of media displays.

This makes it more relevant in the market and can last longer even with the technological advancements. It supports media such as video playback, handsfree e.g Bluetooth, radio, and video out. It's a that supports a dual nano sim with an option of using a single nano sim. The phone easily connects to wifi, hotspot, USB devices, GPS and headphones. Image quality of the device is 1080p and video quality is [email protected] These specifications show the clarity of the images supported by the phone giving you the best experience of visibility.

One of the most important things to look at in a mobile device is the software, which includes the operating system and the user interface. These are features that determining the user-friendliness of the mobile device. Samsung galaxy A20s is supported by Android 9(Pie), which is an upgraded version of the Android software but is still user friendly. In addition to these features, the hardware has an octa-core, Central Processing Unit, which is very solid and a memory card slot which supports up to 200 GB external storage.

Other than giving the user an extra storage space when they run out of the internal memory space provided. A user's most considerable feature is the security of their device, in this case, the manufacturers have provided a sensory fingerprint scanner that ensures the confidentiality of your data. If the device is misplaced or lost, the user can easily detect it by activating their location and tacking the device on their google map. This then triggers the phone to ring in full volume unless it's out of battery.

Furthermore, it also comes with a ring tone app in the Samsung Galaxy store that gives the user a wide range of ringtones to choose from. An individual can easily customize their ringtones using this device as it provides the features need for this. After interacting with this device for more than a month as seen in reviews by various articles, the device is rated at 8/10 because of the quick processing speed, the sleek appearance and portability. This device will be a quality purchase to those who have multiple background activities running on their phones and require an upgrade in processing speed with a device that does not buffer.

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