A review on the LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box 10696

The Lego Creative Brick Box is one of the most classic, creative and engaging toys for children. Especially with the new versions of the Lego, they have included special brick designs that children can create figurines they can easily relate to like a flower. With these bricks, children can expand their creativity in pretend play and parents can join in the game too. The Lego Creative Brick Box can be used by both boys and girls so as a parent you do not have to purchase two different brick boxes.

This creative brick box comes with

This creative brick box comes with Lego bricks in 35 different colors and we all know how bright colors excite children. With this Lego bricks you will keep them engaged for hours as they create different figurines like a toy train and a tiger that is included in the medium box. The children can use their imagination to create any toy they want. Included in this creative brick box is toy eyes, 18 tires and toy wheels that children can use to create cars and anything else they want.

Speech therapists and occupational therapists can

Speech therapists and occupational therapists can use this creative brick box during their sessions with children as rewards for their good behavior after the sessions. They can also use them to make the sessions entertaining and keep the children engaged. With these Lego bricks, you will find children looking forward to their next session and getting excited about it. They will start to associate the therapy as a place of fun and without knowing it, they are learning too.

Kindergarten teachers can use these Lego

Kindergarten teachers can use these Lego bricks to introduce some fun in their classes. During the breaks, the teacher can hand the children these bricks to keep them busy and entertained. It can be a way for the children to express themselves and even learn the important virtue of sharing. The Lego bricks can be used by more than one child making it cost efficient. It can be used by children aged 4 years old and above and it contains 485 pieces enough for almost 5 children to play with.

As guardians, parents or teachers, you

As guardians, parents or teachers, you can easily join in the fun. Simply suggest a story starter for example a day in the zoo and watch as they come up with different creations. With each brick easily interlocking with another, they can create different objects. In this creative Lego Brick Box, they have included green base plates that measure over 3 inches long and 6 inches wide. With these base plates, children can use them to represent green vegetation and build an enormous windmill making each creation more real.

A Review on the LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box 10696

The Lego Classic Medium brick box can be a great addition to the previous Lego you may have purchased, children can never have too many Lego bricks. It is a perfect gift to any child and it does not get old. Once your child has outgrown it, you can keep the Lego bricks for your next child or hand it down to other children. These Lego bricks enhance children's creativity, it keeps them engaged and helps them express themselves.

The Lego bricks are durable and easy to assemble this encourages the child to create different figurines. As opposed to a toy that is hard to figure out and frustrates the child making it necessary for the parent or guardian to be constantly present. With this toy, the child is free and feels a sense of Independence and pride when they are able to create a figurine on their own. The Lego bricks are also very age appropriate because at this age, the child becomes curious and creative.

It comes in a big colorful plastic storage container that you can use to put other toys. Included in the storage box are ideas you can use to start the role playing making it easier for the parent or guardian. When you purchase these Lego bricks, you will be getting value for your money. They are durable, versatile, easy to assemble and can be used by more than one child. You are advised to not leave the Lego bricks lying around the house as someone can easily slip on it. Once the play session is over, place them back in the storage box and clean them regularly to avoid dirt build-up.

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