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About cooler master NR200P SFF

The Cooler Master company, has been the best so far, when it comes to the production of hardware systems that builds up your computer. It even makes building a desktop easy, quick, and rewarding. Their new cooler master NR200P SFF, is small and portable, with a factor mini-ITX case that has a tampered glass (some times called vented panel option). With this device, you can keep your CPU safe, as it forms as a case, for keeping the processing unit. Customers can use the vented side that is made of steel for the panel, which offers smooth flow of air that can't be restricted. The tampered glass is crystal-clear, as it can show users the beauty and design of their CPU. Customers can even choose between the two features (the tampered glass and the side panel).

Since the device has a potential

Since the device has a potential cooling system that can't be restricted, then it can accommodate a CPU that is up to 20 cm high, and 28 cm long, as it holds up to 7 fans, and 5 sides of ventilation that are opened. It can also support the GPU, as it has a full-size GPU fitment, with vertical mounting that is about 33 cm long, even though it has a triple-slot, this device will still support the GPU. The stands in this device, has a stylish design that mounts the CPU with a PCI mounting riser option. Yes, the stands can rise to a certain height, and can be brought back down, depending on your choice. With the 360 degree accessibility, the different panels and frames that these devices have can be dismantled, if you choose to disassemble. It will allow advanced disassembly, and will offer 360 degrees of access, for repairers or engineers to fix or repair any component that may be faulty.

Another reason why this product is

Another reason why this product is better than other brands, is that the case is made of quality materials that are thick, and coated with powder SGCC steel. The manufacturers say that this product can last for a lifetime, and can resist marring from transport or handling. Other features include the GPU compatible (that has a full-size), and the two pumps for liquid cooling. The pumps are located at the side and bottom of the radiator, which mounts the case, and allows powerful enclosure. Customers will see that operating this device is easy, as the case provides a free access to bolts, external panels, and the pins. The pins are easy to remove, so customers can open the product to access the internals, without having to use the screwdriver, or the product's tools.

About cooler master NR200P SFF

Everyone who uses a computer, will surely need this product, as the case protects your computer system from heat, and can prevent some damages that usually happens to the CPU. This cases can give you access to plug the keyboard, mouse, printer, and other computer accessories. The price for this product is cheap and affordable, as the cooler only cost about 200 US dollars, and has a weight of about 7 kg. You can choose to mount this item by the front, as the item will give you an extra space of 25 * 23 cm. The dimensions are 30 * 18 * 26 cm, and it's compatible with the mini DTX.

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