AddOn 8m LC to ST OM1 Orange Patch Cable

The world of electronics, devices and appliances have evolved so greatly that, wires, connectors, cords, and cables have become part of our daily lives. Cables play a vital role in the fast-moving world of tech, these pace is brought about by new devices and patterns. A very important piece or material in this era is the patch cable. Just like every other cable it has signicance when there is a need to connect one part of a system to another in order to bring them to sync and in perfect working conditions. Some may be made of high conducting strands of metals like copper and silver coated with insulation to prevent signal alterations. Others might be made with optical fiber cables made to carry light signals from one device to the other.

The AddOn 8 m LC to ST OM1 Orange Patch Cableis a perfect example of such cables, it lets you connect one device to another. This cable is built with the right protocol allowing for use to transmit data between two points. Also provides a routing mechanism for signals from one point on a network to another.

AddOn 8m LC to ST OM1 Orange Patch Cable

More specifically, it's an eight-meter multiple mode Fiber (mmf) Om1 patch cable finished with an orange color to give it a complementary look while doing its job excellently. The mmf patch cable is of a great quality, precisely made for multimedia, Ethernet, data transfer and communications, it has the capacity of 1gb utilizations. This patch cable Is the best you can find for Lans and Sans because of its great quality, it's highly recommended. Used for every connection that is between Hubs, media, routers, converters, switches and fiber patch panels, finds application in other uses too. This patch cable has a coating equipped with low smoke and zero halogen which shields it from bad and corrosive gases in poorly ventilated areas where other cables can be damaged. Also equipped with a fireproof covering that makes the cable capable to run inside walls or free space, thereby there would be no need for any extra item for its protection.

The fibers are made to withstand strain, stress, collisions and tensile forces that could make the cable snap, each connection is guaranteed a long durability and lifespan because it's highly resistive to external forces. These cables provide you with a great transmission speeds and various ranges of available bandwidth in contrast to some copper cables. They are tested and proven to work 100% before you buy them, this is a quality control measure to make sure you get the best. Made with high concern for your networking needs, these products are in line with every single federal law protocol for all kinds of networking cables. And gives you a reliable connection to a network or some sets up, it's a lightweight patch cable.

If you are in need of a new patch cable, or maybe you are fed up with other slow and problematic patch cables which reduces your efficiency, then this product is for you. It is useful to you because it's made to be fast and reliable to increase your efficiency drastically. The cable is a cheap yet effective product, it costs about 30 dollars it's a purchase worth it for everything it can offer you.

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