Book review: on Just me and My dad (Little Critter)

Children need to have books that make them happy and, learn the virtues that make them grow into kind and loving people. From a young age, kids need to be instilled positive behaviors and attitudes which will help them be better friends and kids in future. Well, this book, 'Just Me and My Dad(Little Critter) is one of the books that you need to get your kids today. Mercer Mayer, the author of this book brings in a new vibe to kids' books. The author wrote a well-intended book for the whole family to share and, we can see why.

This book is about 'Little Critter' who goes for camping with his dad. The book is heart-warming and fun for the kids and the whole family to enjoy. There are tons of fun activities that are written in the book including canoeing, fishing and building a campfire which kids can relate to. This book serves as a good bed-time story for kids and, trust them to want more when you read it for them. You won't be bored reading the book for the kids every day because you can try blending in some actions to complement the story. Pearls of laughter will fill the room when you are reading them this story. Your kids will even end up begging you for a camping trip so that they can spend time with their dad.

You can buy this book as a gift for father's day, birthday gifts or, any day you want. Dads will appreciate to see how much they are valued by you and the kids. The memories that you will create as a family just by having this book will shock you. When the kids grow up, you can fondly tell them what their favorite book was when they were young. You might even be surprised by the answers that they give you because the book is memorable and enjoyable to read. Bonding time between parents and kids is super important and, it will come a long way in helping them feel loved and wanted. Your kids will grow up into confident teenagers and adults when you constantly talk to them, read them books and, by also telling them how beautiful and amazing they are.

Book review: on Just me and My dad (Little Critter)

Statistics, through constant surveys have proven that kids easily grasp and remember what they learn at a young age. For kids to grow up well, they need to be taught good virtues from a young age. They will then grow up loving their friends, sharing and, the cases of bullying will greatly reduce. Bullying is a major problem in schools and, the reason why other kids feel the need to bully others is because they grew up in an unhealthy environment. Having a positive environment is about showing them care and, constantly reminding them of the correct way to treat others. This book comes with all those values that a kid needs to learn and, you will be surprised in a good way by the change in their behaviors because they will try imitating 'Little Critter'.

Remember that kids learn through imitations and, they gather the behaviors around them. Mercer Mayer, the author of this book did a really great job writing this. The kids will learn how to appreciate their parents because of the struggle they go through for them and, how they teach them fun stuff to do. Your kids will grow closer to you and, they will always go to you so that you can teach them new activities to do. As they grow up, you can make their bedtime stories real by taking them out on a family camping trip which is always a fun way to bond with the family. In short, your kids will benefit a lot from the book.

Buy your kids this awesome book at an affordable price. Be sure that they will appreciate and have fun with you and their siblings. This will be their new favorite book for a long time and, they will always ask for it for their bedtime story. The paperback version of this book is cheap and readily available for you and your kids to enjoy. This book is well-written and, a great purchase for the kids as they grow up.

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