Cool Industrial Belt Strap Lanyards

The black industrial belt strap is designed to assist you in storage of essential items like key chain, wallet and work ID badge. It can be worn by the neck, clasped on your waist band or pocket. A perfect way to secure your home or office key without worrying about losing it. Various companies use it to hold their ID badge for identification purpose. A bunch of keys can be attached to the belt strap, you don't need to separate keys of different rooms, for example home and office key can both be placed on the belt strap. It is convenient for every persons, be it students, parastatal or NGOs employees and Jua Kali self employed personnel.

Take an example of hawkers who walk around with products, they can easily misplace their personal home key but with this industrial belt strap, the key is well secured. Media personnel need to wear identification badges to identify them with specific media stations and this strap holds the badge well. Wallets are well secured and protected from people who like pick-pocketing on busy streets. This product is therefore safe for storage of personal items like phone and wallet.

With a high-quality alloy metal buckle, you can hang your things safely. The nylon canvas material makes it durable and easy to clean hence effective in hygiene maintenance. This strap contains a dimension of 25 centimetre length by 3.5 centimetres width, this measurement is long enough to clasp things. The color used to design the product is intriguing to the eye, you can figure out where you placed it with ease. Contains decorative letters embroided beautifully across the strap. You are free to select the letters that best suit your taste or that which captures your attention.

Cool Industrial Belt Strap Lanyards

Avoid attaching work badges on the chest using safety pins that may harm your body. The belt strap upgrade your general outlook by improving your dressing code. With the badge holder, customers will appreciate your appearance and get to know the person who served them. It is the right product for branding your employees to keep them responsible and cautious while handling clients. The cool industrial belt strap lanyards can also be used to hold cameras, the belt strap provided a firm grip on the camera preventing it from sliding.

Ensure you aware of the place you kept your phone, key or camera anytime you hiking or running errands. This product is a good purchase for your kids in boarding schools. Kids closely monitor their locker and box key at one strategic place, walk around with it and hence prevent unauthorized hands from having access of the key.

Save money for replacing padlocks each time the main key is lost or misplaced by purchasing this belt strap lanyard for your kids. Instill good moral in your employees by clutching their work badges on this belt strap. Workers will work diligently and with care since they are aware their identities is open to the customers. Any slight mistake will be reported to the authorities and hence ensure good customer service. Cool industrial belt strap lanyards keeps your items safe and secured all the time.

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