Gene Simmons KISS signed Book Me, Inc. Signed on Cover 1st Printing BAS Beckett COA

Anyone who has ever managed in anything or owned a brand/ company will definitely be able to tell the difference between success and failure. There is no hearsay that the man who is popularly known as Gene Simmons, KISS, is the main architect of the success of one of the best rock bands in the globe. The man Gene Simmons has quickly risen to fame and stardom when he made his lifetime decision to start the KISS band alongside Paul Stanley. Recently, there are lots of news about most rock bands and their owners running into troubles by acts such as red tapes, drugs and addiction. But these two and their band are a total exception from the park of the people who find themselves into troubles with the laws and others. If the two men, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, have not been shrewd and capable people, that alone could cost them some fortune and even ruin their rock band business.

The two of them have become

The two of them have become so famous and renowned all over America which is largely owing to that they both took complete management of the band. Their notorious business' became the envy of so many 'people' and it has completely turned a household name. The name of their rock band is called KISS, and they were successful running shows and appearing on various stages to perform many times. Their KISS band alone has sold over a million DVDs and CDs all over the globe and have over 3000 merchandised items licensed under the brand's name. Gene Simmons is a musician, publisher, songwriter, and he has starred with various top-level celebrities while he has also endorsed various produced goods like video games among others.

Finally, Gene Simmons has decided to

Finally, Gene Simmons has decided to sit down to talk to the world and his fans as he tries out something unusual of him that he has never done. And this is what most successful people wouldn't want to talk about most times not because they even don't want to, but because they're scared of what people will think. This American celebrity has decided to share some of his secrets via a book on how he made it to the top where he finds himself and how you can. The book is titled, Synopsis Me, Inc. although it is clear that at the moment of writing this, the book has not been published, that means it's not yet released. To tell the truth this is a big thing in history because some have this mindset that rich 'people' are filthy and get their money through crooked means/ actions. Simmons reassures the readers that they can be anything, and they can also replicate, not completely, how he became so successful, uniquely.

Gene Simmons KISS signed Book Me, Inc. Signed on Cover 1st Printing BAS Beckett COA

He is advertently showing the readers that they can be the architect of their business entity by telling them about how to build a strong business strategy. Simmons highlighted the key reasons/ ways to be confident in oneself and abilities, along with lessons on the reasons for having supportive people around you in business is crucial. Throughout the entire book he seems to be talking from his quality years of experience in business and dishing out deeply known secrets he had used to be successful. He is being highly inspired to write this book after reading through a book by another author like "The Art of War" and Gene Simmons teaches his own 13 success principles now.

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