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It's Not Easy Being a Bunny

This book is a funny and touching starter book by Marilyn Sadler and Roger Bollen. It tells the tale of a bunny's journey to becoming something other than himself. As it is more fun to be a bear, a bird or a pig as a change in persona by the bunny. The artist brings the creatures facial expressions to life as it felt so real. A decision he didn't like as it entailed being natural, and he went looking for a different animal to be.

He did not fit in with the other animals, especially the skunks which cracked up the nephew and found that being a bunny was actually pretty great. The Journey to a different land makes you appreciate what you have and when you get back you are so thankful. This book is precious and it is too bad to think by reading this you become a child. It is a great book that the nephew is a little old for this book, but he loved the Funnybunny, and he laughed at this story.

This is a great book to read to younger children with great illustration and short but descriptive paragraphs on each page. If your young one is just starting out, this is the one to grab and read for generations to come. Funny bunny is tired of being a bunny, but after trying on the personas of other animals, learns a valuable lesson about liking who you are. It is a good read for children who are having trouble realizing that who they are is pretty amazing. These are few bunnies who don't like each others company or their families and need to measure elsewhere.

He lives with various animals until he realizes the best place is home with his own bunny family. This is an adorable story a few bunnies that are uninterested in eating cooked carrots and being a neighbourhood of such an outsized family with numerous brothers and sisters. So, he decides to go out into the world to try to be something else. He tries out different kinds of families from bears to skunks and several things in between. But he realizes that things are quite right for him with these other species or his family.

It's Not Easy Being a Bunny

This is such a classic book to remember reading as a kid, so be thrilled when Munchkin picks this story out at the library. The book makes one love the classic illustration style, it is simple and a little cartoonish that adds character to the story. Munchkin really liked that he was ready to read the story, the words were all simple and therefore the sentences short. There is a lot of repetition that young ones will enjoy.

The bunny gets downhearted because he has big ears, and he tries to find himself by living with a bear, a bird, and other animals only to discover that being a bunny is what he is good at and what he wants to be. This story is obviously an allegory for being yourself and not changing yourself for anyone else. As a child, reading this and wanting to be a bear and you would always want something that you are not. The book says this in the beginning but does not say how that is normal and okay.

This is a simple story that builds animal upon the animal with lots of repetition and colourful illustrations that will entertain young children. It is perfect for beginning readers and our girls read this one aloud during storytime. He tries being a bear, a skunk and a beaver, but he realizes that being a bunny is best. Great for children to read to discover that they too are perfect just the way they are.

It is not only written really well, but the illustrations are surprisingly cute and attention-getting. This is a wonderful book to educate and help children to learn to read on their own. It has bold, simple print and a very sweet moral to the story that helps children realize that it is totally normal to try on different things and try to figure out who you are. This book is very charming and humorous. In the classroom, this book is a good choice.

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