Jesus and John Wayne Book Review

Professor Kristin, a writer who has written several articles for different firms is the Author of “Jesus and John Wayne". She has written for the Christian Century and Christian today, she has also been interviewed by TV stations and the press. In her early years, she got a PhD degree from the University of Notre Dame, and she heads a research team that aims at uncovering the link between religion, gender, and politics. Kristin Kobes was interviewed by CTV some time ago where she shared an amazing story that gave many young writers the motivation to strive for more. She currently works at Calvin University, Grand Rapids, Michigan, where she teaches gender and history.

It is not chance that she works in a Christian school, teaches history and gender, and is a leader of a team of researchers whose main aims are religion, gender, and politics. A New Gospel for Women was the first book Kristin authored, the mother of three, a dogged anti-trafficking activist wrote about the ideas and awesome life of Katharine Bushnell. But this new book of hers, Jesus and John Wayne summarize the past seventy-five years of America’s gospel ministry with thoughtful reasoned arguments. Brilliantly stated facts about white masculine Christians from the time of Billy Graham to John Wayne and now Donald Trump. This book pinpoints the twists and turns that changed Donald from what he used to be to the Country’s hero of Religious Christian rights.

Jesus and John Wayne Book Review

During the 2016 elections, he had little knowledge of the Christian faith won over eighty percent of America’s evangelical voters. And also the reasons why the white evangelicals are now diehard fans of this seemingly unprincipled person, in the person of Trump. This explains the fact that the era of dented political leaders the Americans are currently in was initiated by radical white evangelicals. Contesting the nationally held assumption that the morally upright supported Trump for Presidency based on realistic reasons alone. Du Mez unveiled that the election and the personality of Donald Trump actually did not stand against but stand for the principles of white evangelicals.

As Du Mez explains, the strategic means of knowing this change is just the recognition of the importance of culture. Not just any culture but that which represents assets held in high regard by followers of the evangelical move. Many of them and the religiously indifferent people obviously have learned about sexual purity before knowing about sex itself. This has left some of them theologically shrewd, although they may have the resources in their favor to prove otherwise. Gospel songs, movies, magazines, books, posters, and clothing is beloved to have conformed the faith of people today.

Their famously sold ways of life and icons are seen joining with rugged soldiers and great fighters in the mythical world. One of the greats of evangelism is John Wayne, he is a fearless and fierce legend as regards challenging wrong political motives. Previously in time past, some famous people have captured and captivated the hearts of the nation's moral community, Trump won't be the first of them.

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